Le Salon Fantastique

Le Salon Fantastique

Awesome tiny fantasy and steampunk convention in Paris that I attended today, Le Salon Fantastique was a nice experience for me even though I’m used to much bigger cons. I liked it a lot ! Especially the cosplay 😀

Le Salon FantastiqueLe Salon Fantastique

Sauron’s hand with the One Ring, pretty amazing stuff 🙂 Attention to all Lord of the Rings fans : the guy selling these told me there was a museum in Jenins, Switzerland that was unique because its collections is about Middle Earth; guess what I’m doing next time I go visit my best friend 😛 we’re going on a LOTR mission ! To the Greisinger Museum

Le Salon FantastiqueLe Salon FantastiqueLe Salon FantastiqueSome Gollum & Batman, a creepy werewolf and skeletonLe Salon FantastiqueLe Salon Fantastique

These unbelievably cool creatures are made by Lightleaf Studio, who is a genuinely nice lady. She has a sister that is an artist as well, check her blog she makes nice drawings : Julie Ozaneaux

Le Salon FantastiqueTomorrow I’m attending Paris Games Week, and it’s supposed to be madness… so I will probably be *dying* but can’t wait to get there !