AI portraits

AI portraits

This is the last post about Geekland on this Blog.

Back in the day, I was a huge geek… so into the DC Comics universe, Star Trek, all the horror movies, and what not, that I started blogging about it on here.

Then I started going to Comic Cons, and meeting cosplayers; and it took a whole other level in my life, when I began getting invites from notorious geek conventions like MCM London Comic Con, to report on them. I had my own website, now deleted – because after a couple of years, it was too much work just for me.

But because I’ve always had a space to geek out, I kept an instagram account, that I pretty much abandoned during Covid, and now I’m back on it ! Obviously, I am never gonna be like I used to be, because I’ve evolved and nowadays I focus on other things like photography, some video projects (which you will see more & more of).

If you are a geek at heart though, and love these fantasy AI-generated portraits of me, this is exactly the type of content you will find on Geeklandmag‘s page ! That, and whenever I’ll attend conventions, or movies. I’ll be basically sharing anything that I love, that’s geek-related.

So this isn’t really a goodbye to that side of me, you’ll find it somewhere else, where it’s specifically dedicated to it. xoxox

AI portraits
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