I’m in LA b*tch !

We’ve lost it…

I have to warn you that this video is out of control. There are bloopers from our one-month vacation to Los Angeles… and other shenanigans. I guess insane is the new normal – says me.

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Christmas movies

Netflix and Chill

A Christmas Prince – The Princess Switch – A Christmas Prince, The Royal Wedding

I love the winter season because it means staying cosy at home, with homemade hot chocolate eating comfort food & sweets and of course : watching movies ! I’m a total Netflix addict, so I binge everything I can on it.

They make actually good content, these are my six must-watch picks of the month. I’ve seen half of them so far, they were awesome. I’m super excited for the last one to come out, which is Mowgli, I have a feeling it will be very entertaining. Guys if you are in need for holiday themed movies, just head over there !

The Christmas Chronicles – The Holiday Calendar – Mowgli, Legend of the Jungle

Winter Bucket List

I got this marvelous idea from a Pinterest board, and it really inspired me to do my own bucket list of things for this winter season ! It’s time to enjoy and have fun in this wonderful cold weather, while it lasts…

 • Make some homemade hot chocolate for sure, but the really “gourmet” one with marshmallow and sprinkles and whip cream 🙂 
 • Either bake some yummy cakes and cookies, or get them from an amazing bakery because we gotta pleasure our tummies !
 • Go see a ballet like the Nutcracker, or at least the movie that’s come out in the theater.
 • Go ice-skating of course, that’s a must.
 • Make a scrapbook of all my winter pictures with family & friends, it’s fun and it’ll help to organize them.
 • Oh and I have to do a family christmas photoshoot to add to our scrapbook for this year.
 • Watch some Christmas movies over on Netflix, and enjoy.
 • Organize a winter-themed karaoke.
 • Throw a game-night at home, because I know I’ll win them all.

 • Travel to someplace where it snows to do the rest of my bucket list, which involves…
                • Building a snowman
                • Catch snowflakes on my tongue !
                • Have a snowy city walk
                • Have a snowball fight, duh
                • Visit a Christmas Market 😀 

Dailies 0041 | Xmas 2017

Retro life

VHS vlog with my grandma & sisters during Christmas… we ate cake, went to Starbucks, had a nice walk in Paris and laughed a lot !

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Ramblings in Romania

Behind the scenes, kinda…
Ramblings in Romania

You can watch below a short video from my trip to Romania, when I was doing a photoshoot with my model. It’s a fun peek to how things go down between us, which is always with some humor and in a good mood. We had a great time there, it was a lovely summer day, plus the city of Timisoara is absolutely gorgeous.


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