Apple issue

Hey everyone 😊 I’m blogging from my iPhone because my MacBook hasn’t been working well today, and I basically haven’t been able to do anything with it so I just turned it off and left it aside until tomorrow…

I’ll have it check up if the issue is still ongoing, but I’m just hoping for the best. It’s probably my fault again, the sh*ts I put my electronic devices through is crazy. I forget (aka am too lazy) to turn off my MacBook sometimes and it stays on for days : which is bad, don’t ever do that.

My guess is that the drive or whatever, is tired of turning almost non-stop. That’s why I opted for letting it cool off today, which means I can’t post what I was supposed to… plus, since the weekend is already here, that also means no blogging until Monday because I don’t work on weekends; I go out instead, and have fun ! 😛

But if you’re dying for updates, follow my Snapchat or Twitter, those two are like my survival kits when I’m staying off the grid (internet) they’re literally the only things I’m still checking on weekends & posting stuff to.

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See you ! xoxox, Madison