All about my nails !

Get your nails matching your iPhone case 🙂


© Photography by Madison Kennedy

A lot of people think because I’m running a geek online magazine (, and like doing “boy-ish” stuff that it means I’m not girly… all the contrary ! My favorite color is pink, and I’m actually really into getting myself dolled up & doing my own glam.

My main has always probably been nail polish, because it’s easy & fun to do. In this particular post I’m wearing the Yves Saint Laurent 69 Love Pink, which is a limited edition and currently out of stock. It’s such a pretty color, it’s kinda pale but also very shiny. I absolutely fell in love with it, it’s just the perfect pink and it matches my iPhone case ! How cute is that.

L1220299-7Meet my nail polish glam squad

I don’t own that many nail polish colors, because I’m basic and when I crave something new, I just like taking a break at a nail bar and get my nails done there. They have all kinds of colors, and it’s literally super inexpensive to treat yourself to it, so it’s definitively a must do for me.

My two favorite nail polish brands are maybe high end, but from my experience if you want the bottle to last you, better get something luxurious because the quality is just better & unbeatable compared to non-luxury brands. Plus, if someone asks you what you’re wearing, isn’t it so cute to say “Chanel” or “Yves Saint Laurent” 😛

L1220280-1L1220282-2How to do your nails the right way

That’s extremely simple, it’s totally child’s play. The most important thing if you want the color to stay for at least a week, is to do two layers. & My personal advice is to wait the first layer to dry completely, before applying the second one, that way there’s no risk of messing both layers up with each other. You don’t want it to look cakey and gross.

When it comes to my nails, I like to keep them very short because I work a lot with my hands and I did try having longer nails for a while, but it was not practical. Even though I love long nails, it looks beautiful and feminine, having them like this for me was just annoying. And I don’t necessarily paint my feet’s, because I like a “clean look”.

L1220289-3L1220298-6That’s it for this beauty related post on The Blog ! Hope you enjoyed it, I’ll make those more often. I’ve never done this type of thing before, I mean so detailed, because I’m not especially into sharing glam tips & advices with people, it’s almost like private life stuff to me 🙂 But I thought some of you might be curious, and it’ll be kind of cool to open up more to my followers.

Last tip, while you wait for your first layer to dry you can browse stuff on you iPhone using finger tips ONLY. I usually get on one of the Kardashian-Jenner apps, they’re full of  awesome girly content.