Taking my weekends off

Hello everyone !

I wanted to thank every viewer, follower, fan & all the people that like and share my posts. I really appreciate that you enjoy my content, it makes me feel like I’m not blogging for nothing 🙂 and it’s also a cool support, since it gives me the motivation to publish the best things I can. & also, even try & explore new projects.

For that reason, I feel like I need more time for myself, to focus and work on my ideas & let them develop into something more than what I originally would have done with less time given. Blogging every day does not give me that luxury…

I love blogging, and that is the main reason I am addicted to updating daily. Except it takes a lot of my time to do so, and I have to give up projects I actually care for, just because I can’t handle both. It’s either I post something every day, or I don’t, but then when I do, I get to share a project that has gotten a better attention.

This is why I have decided to take my weekends off. Last week I took my Sunday off, and it was a great experience. Not only work-wise, I also kind of “unplugged” myself from internet that day and I was much more rested, and in the moment. This week I tried to extend that improvement, and took Saturday & Sunday off… as a result, I got two blessed positive days and it was very chill, and the perfect idea.

I think this is important for me and my work, because I have more time and I feel great now; definitively, as if I could take back those abandoned projects and finally give them a shot, by making them happen.

I won’t be updating anything online during the weekends… I mean, except Twitter & Snapchat, but those shouldn’t count as me being on the “internet”, they’re more like survival kits, especially when spending a detox weekend without that-said internet. Look, I can’t unplug myself completely, let’s not kid ourselves. Twitter & Snapchat are almost the only things I’m checking on weekends, and where I might be posting live updates.

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That’s it ! I’ll be back blogging soon 😀