@aliens where are you, i’m tired and i’m ready to leave

Hello everyone !

It’s been a while since I have posted selfies on my blog… I’m a little camera shy, so it’s not something easy to pose in front of one, even though there’s usually no one else in the room but me. The camera can be quite intimidating. I should be used by now, I’ve been practicing to get over that uncomfortable feeling for years and I kinda manage for photoshoots to do it. But still, it’s not natural for me, and I have to focus on the “work” part to be able to make it happen. I’ll try and post more pictures & videos about me though 🙂

© Photography by Madison Kennedy

THE BLOG IS STILL ON A BREAK but I’m updating it anyway, until I have the stuff I’ve been working on done… check back if you want to know more !