Blog on a break again, oopsy ?

I’m so sorry guys, but I have a lot of stuff to deal with this year, and I’m really overwhelmed with everything : I just can’t blog as I used to. Until I figure things out, this blog will be on a break (again) but I am still active on other social media websites.

If you want live updates from me, “vlog” style, you should definitively follow me on Snapchat as I’m pretty active there. Find me by : mads.kennedy

Besides that, I’m on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Tumblr. I upload videos on my YouTube channel almost every week now… so that’s it. I am not abandoning this blog, don’t worry ! But if you also miss reading me, I write for Geekland magazine, it’s geek stuff related and there’s something new on it every day !

xoxox, love you !
Madison Kennedy