Shot with my iPhone 4S, the following set of pictures is from my latest trip to the house where I grew up in. It is located not too far from the Danube river, in the valley, and although it is close to the city of Belgrade, it seems like a lost land in the wild, where you get the feeling of being completely cut with the outside world. There’s no internet there, no phone, nothing but the overwhelming nature ruling. It is the most beautiful place on earth, and if I could, I would stay there forever.

IMG_9368-2IMG_9365-2IMG_9376-1IMG_9391-1IMG_9389-2 IMG_9388-2IMG_9274-1my love, my muse ♥IMG_9335-1IMG_9334-1IMG_9338-2IMG_9373-1IMG_9367-2IMG_9357-1my dog LeopoldIMG_9332-1IMG_9341-2IMG_9476-2gluten free flakes, with vanilla soy milk 🙂IMG_9092-1IMG_9098-1my cat Elvis PresleyIMG_9377-2IMG_9440-1