Dear diary,

Today is like the beginning of “I’m in the shits” week… I have recently moved from my home in Woodland Hills, by Calabasas, and went on vacation in Europe for the summer. We’re already halfway through the summer & I’ve only realized it today : I still haven’t found my new / future home to be in L.A. !

This is super bad ! I’m back in less than two months *horrified face*

This means I’m going to be homeless if I don’t find something quick… yes, this is so me, going from a nice house in the Valley where celebrities like Kim Kardashian live (which I saw grocery shopping one day at the Ralphs of The Commons at Calabasas by the way) to homelesness… HEEEELP !

I gotta find some new place this week, it’s the only way I can chill. I have lived in South Bay when I first arrived in Los Angeles, then later moved to San Fernando Valley. Since the public transportation is grotesque, I decided to move once again, to a more centrally located neighborhood… but which one ? WHERE ?? There’s like tons of different neighborhoods in the Greater L.A., I’m losing my mind, I don’t know which one to choose to be my neighborhood.

Plus the rents are like crazy high. There’s that as well to take account of.

I have started officially apartment hunting, and it’s a real nightmare. It is so hard to find a place that fits my criterias, especially not being sure of what I truly want. I have put a hold on three potential places, but as I needed more time to decide, my grandma just let me know now that we are leaving, on a last minute decision, to our house in the hills of Belgrade (capital of Serbia) in a couple of hours !

Total “I’m in the shits” week, I have to make a decision before we go or I lose the possibility of renting one of those three places and, oh boy, I searched such a long time until it finally narrowed to those three, it’s such a stressful process, I don’t want to have to go back from the beginning & risk not even finding the same type of places again, only worst.

I’m gonna start packing for my week off to Belgrade, and my weekend to Romania… because yeah, we’re also going on a trip to Romania this weekend. Wish me luck, because afterwards packing I’ll have to request one of those three places and hope for the best. If I don’t get any of them, I will be dying literally. I will have to start from scratch and I can’t even do so until next week : enduring one week of uncertainty is hell.

xoxox, Madison