I moved from South Bay area, to The Valley this year. This was
something I wished for a very long time… since the first day
I actually step a foot in Los Angeles; my dream was to live in
the hills. I am at the border of Woodland Hills, right by
Calabasas, but I’m actually closer to most of Calabasas stores,
movie theater and what not, rather than in Woodland Hills.

At first I wanted to move in Calabasas, but I chose Woodland
Hills instead because they have more convenient public
transportation, and of course, as the crazy person I am, I do
not drive… and I live in L.A. – I know what you must be
thinking, how am I surviving ? Well… not so good !

That’s the reason I have to move out now… again. I can’t stay
in The Valley anymore, because it takes forever to get to the
center of the city. I do not wish to go back to South Bay either,
because that also takes about the same amount of time. The
reason I lived in South Bay before, was because I was pursuing
my studies in a school there.

I love living in The Valley, it is just so chill
here, and probably what I’d want the best, is get a place in
Calabasas because I like it better than Woodland Hills. But for
that I’d need to pass my driver’s license and get a car : which
obviously I’m not gonna do, because I’m a lazy ass who barely
takes the time to do anything & driving seems stressful in this
city of angels, so why should I even bother myself with that.

Besides I’m still young and to be honest, South Bay
with all the beaches might be a very peaceful place for living,
but it’s definitively better for older people. South of The Valley
is great, they have beautiful safe neighborhoods, perfect for
raising your family, but I’m always hanging out in the center of
the city though. That’s because I love going out and doing many
different things, and there’s no way you can do much of that in
South Bay or The Valley.

It’s really annoying and frustrating because I’m so
far away that I can’t attend all the things I want to. I can’t
find enough time to go back and forth, and I have to give up on
cool hangouts because of that… which totally blows. So, I’m on
apartment hunting as of now ! I have no clue where I’ll be moving
but between Westside and Downtown L.A. probably. My lease here
in Woodland Hills is almost over, I’m leaving for Paris in two
weeks and staying there about three months, then I’m back home
here in Los Angeles in September…

Although I don’t know yet what home will be like for
me then, or where it will be, but I can’t wait to find out. It’s
exciting to be moving into aΒ new apartment in the city, and live my
youth ! Go out whenever I want and not care about how much time
it will take me by public transportation, because it will be much
less than what I am used to. To new beginnings & adventures !