These are the movies that gave me the best chills, and got me into liking the horror genre. I am not a fan of gore at all, I just like good old fashioned 90’s / 00’s, scary type. The kind after you see it, you’re still creeped out in the real life… at least, for me it’s how it feels. I can never get enough of the list below, they are my absolute faves.MY FAVORITE HORROR MOVIESScream & Paranormal Activity

I watch these two series marathon style, every time ! I am an absolute fan of Scream, so much that I even bought his costume and use it from time to time to scare my friends and family : and that face still works its magic and provokes good screams; I love the idea of Paranormal Activity so much, especially the way it’s filmed, it’s like close to what I have in mind for my short films in general.

MY FAVORITE HORROR MOVIESThe Blair Witch Project & Final Destination

The first time I saw Blair Witch, I was like “oh yes !” as if I was having an orgasm. It was just perfect, the idea, the filming of it all, everything… Final Destination is one of those movies that got me real creeped out in real life, so much that I became paranoid after watching it, checking out stuff and screaming to myself for no goddamn reason because I thought “that’s it, Death is coming for me !”MY FAVORITE HORROR MOVIESI Know What You Did Last Summer & Urban Legend

The reason I started watching I Know What You Did Last Summer was obviously for Sarah Michelle Gellar, but that movie made me scream so high pitched that I scared my own parents. They wondered what was happening to me, and I was just like “well, you know… nothing, just watching a horror”. Urban Legend‘s great, the idea of some crazy murderer using urban legends as an inspiration to kill victims… super cool ! I adore it !

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