I’m writing this as a diary entry, but it’s a message addressed to all the haters out there : my muse is mine only. You wanna know why she is “my” freaking muse ? It’s simple, she embodies MY personal vision, MY ideal of perfection of a human being… It’s totally just MY OWN train of thoughts. I’m lucky that somebody like that actually exists, and most of all, wants to be my muse.

She doesn’t want to pose for anyone else but me, okay ? We have a special relationship as artist & muse, that I guess none of y’all can understand. It’s personal, the photo shoots we do. I’m sharing them on my blog because I like showcasing some of my photography work, but don’t get this wrong, just because I post those pictures doesn’t mean she wants to pose for someone else than me.

Besides, I am so not sharing MY MUSE with anyone. Get yourself your own muse, that embodies your own vision and NOT MINE. I hate copycats, and if you think your vision & mine are the same, well too bad for you because I’m Madison f*cking Kennedy so what you’re gonna do ? There is no way in hell you’re crossing me to get a hold on my muse LOL wake up b*tches

If you got no brains and tryna steal originality from artists, then f*ck off my blog ! She has some nice middle fingers to show you haters, and that’s also what she thinks of pseudo-photographers who’d like to shoot her : simply, f*ck you from her & me 🙂

She wants me to tell to all of you to leave me alone with your stupid random messages because she does not care of you at all; we’re a good team, and we have fun, and we’re not serious about our projects together, it’s just between the both of us. So go the f*ck away jealous hoes, because you’re basic. She is not interested and yes, I have exclusivity.


All pictures were taken with a Panasonic camcorder & Leica lens