Dear diary,

I had a nightmare last night. It was disturbing… I think I was locked in a basement. There was no light at first, I couldn’t see anything. I was so cold. I felt my clothes wet, but I didn’t know what from. I touched the ground with my hands, it was bear and filthy with dirt. I couldn’t hear anything, and that void around me made me lose track of my senses for a while.

I didn’t move, breathed as little I could. I tried to adjust my sight but there was nothing to adjust to, it was complete utter darkness that were surrounding me. I kept wondering why was I so wet… why was it this cold, that I kept shaking until it hurt me physically. I couldn’t control my own body. I was nowhere. I felt like nothing.

I was terrified this was it. Then suddenly, a weak light above me turned on and I could finally see where I was, except that didn’t matter anymore, once I understood why I had been wet all along… Blood, there was just so much blood, I was covered in it. Some parts had dried up on my skin, but more kept leaking from somewhere… I started to feel panic as I was searching where it was coming from. The lightning was so bad, I couldn’t figure, I kept touching every part of my body thinking I could have been injured.

But that wasn’t it. My hands were disgusting, I could barely hold myself from throwing up. The blood smell got to my head, I was nauseous. I wanted this to end, I started crying and calling out for help, but my voice was mute. I thought whoever turned that light on could still be here, watching me from a corner while I was leaking my own blood…

Because it was me, all that blood, I didn’t have any injury it was simply leaking from every pores of my skin. I was bleeding to death and I couldn’t stop it; I wanted to stop it so bad. I tried to shield my body with my arms, but it wouldn’t do shit. The blood kept on going, and no matter how I put my arms around me, it never stopped.

Even from where my tears should have flown, it was blood. My screams were soundless and I knew he was there, in the dark… That he brought me here and he wouldn’t help, because he enjoyed this : having me dying in here, under his watch. Like my pain and death belonged to him only. I wasn’t suffering for my sins, but for his pleasure. I woke up it was 5am, and I wouldn’t go back to sleep. I was too scared his presence would haunt my dreams again.