My body & face care wishlist

My body & face care wishlist

Hello y’all ! New year, new resolutions ? I guess so 😋
I have decided to take care of myself starting 2015. Since I’ve never had a body and face care routine before, my skin is literally screaming for help ! I got bad skin reactions lately, from the weather and lack of using any moisturizing products… it’s time to stop being so lazy and try to save my skin.

I love trying cosmetics, but actually using them on a daily basis… not so much. I’ve always been too lazy to keep up with that kind of commitment, and that was a huge mistake. I see now how important it is to take care of yourself, so that what my skin is experiencing at the moment, doesn’t happen.

This is gonna be the first post of a series of seven steps to recovery; PHASE 1 is about body and face care. Today I’m sharing with you my wishlist of skincare products I am getting tomorrow, and guess what ? I’m taking you shopping with me ! Virtually of course 😛

Can’t wait to go to my favorite stores on a mini shopping spree and show you around 😄 xoxox