Dear diary,…

this just looks plain silly. I haven’t held a diary since… wait no, I have never held a diary in my entire life. Sure I did buy many times those fancy looking blank diaries, because let’s be honest, some look pretty cool; but did I ever actually take the time to write in it ? hell no ! I mean everyone knows that wanting is one thing, and then actually trying to achieve what you had in mind originally… well, that is a completely different story.

Thinking about it now, I remember considering facts. You know like, filling those blank pages with memories and pictures seemed awesome, until I came to realize that it would probably require of me to sit still and waste the little energy I had (that same energy I usually waste procrastinating on Tumblr, mostly). Anyway the conclusion every time came to : NO… or even, NO WAY ! so there lies in my bedroom an entire cemetery of sad blank diaries, never used, some have not ever been opened โ€“ but on the bright side, they all look real nice, as in for decoration purpose.

So what am I doing here exactly ? well, obviously I’m bored… I thought trying out this “diary thing” could be fun, and why not post it online… it’s not like there is already enough embarrassing things on my blog, so let’s just add more to it; suddenly I’m getting a terrible feeling about this whole “project” โ€” oh well, you better beware ! Because that is how it’s gonna be from now on. & you can expect, hum… awkward moments and stories, but also lousy pictures and anything really that is related to my lame life.

Gosh, I should have never started this.

xoxo, Madison Kennedy