Barbara Bui Fall/Winter 2014

As some of my followers might know, my mother works for Barbara Bui (I mentioned it here); She’s a french designer. They have stores all over the world, but the most famous ones are of course on avenue Montaigne in Paris and Rodeo drive here in L.A. 🙂

Recently I escaped the Fashion Week madness in Paris, and flew before it started, to be back home in my sunny California, enjoy the beach and peace. I’m not much of a fashion addict like my parents are (they’re both working in the fashion industry, as my grandmother was – I come from a long line of fashion freaks lol)

But I still follow whatever is related to my parents work, what’s important to them matters to me. I wanted to share with you Barbara Bui’s fall/winter 2014 collection because my mom is proud of their work. She especially worked on that leather coat with white fur on the arms you’ll see. I like that brand, it’s very rock’n’roll but it has a french classy touch to it

Barbara Bui Fall/Winter 2014Barbara Bui Fall/Winter 2014Barbara Bui Fall/Winter 2014Check all the fashion show’s pictures on : VOGUE Paris

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