I wanna know how many miles I’ve scrolled on my phone with my thumb

I wanna know how many miles I've scrolled on my phone with my thumb

A walk through a marvellous garden…

A soft summer breeze is blowing, I’m hearing the leaves tickling each other and giggling with a distinct whistling, as if they are actually little human beings. Everything is alive in this forest, and I myself am part of it. I’m as human as the centenary tree in the middle of it all. I’m part of everything in this place, as much as they’re part of me.

My elvish skin is nourished by the sun rays, just like the flowers, and I blossom throughout the year in the same manner. I feel more connected to the ground I walk on, than the weird city lights I see being built in the far away. I wish they’ll stay that way. We don’t need artificial anything here, it’s already so full of life.


I wanna know how many miles I've scrolled on my phone with my thumb
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I’m in a good place right now. Not emotionally. Just in my room.

Existential crisis 2.0

I'm in a good place right now. Not emotionally, just in my room.
Hello… whoever’s left reading The Blog.

I really want to kickstart things this year with a wellness-centered site, where I can share my tips & tricks… but here’s the deal. I’ve been going through a major existential crisis, for the past couple of months. I honestly have no idea who I am, where I’m going, or if I want what I want. Also, is it worth it ?… so yeah, bear with me.

I’m coming back here because I obviously have not made another platform to express myself yet, so this is it. I have a feeling I will be remaining here until I sort things out in my mind. I for sure, don’t want to blog anymore, but also I don’t want to stay in this phase of not doing anything while I’m rethinking every single thing, over and over, in my current life. And also, what that means for me…

See where I’m going with this ? No ? Me neither, welcome to the club.

Let’s keep things the simplest way possible for now. I’ve been on some nice travels this past year, I haven’t shared much of it, but I have lots of cute and edited photos ready to be seen. For this month, I’m going to publish those… and for the next month ? Don’t quite ask me that yet, but we’ll get closer to my endgame goal, which is becoming some type of a health guru ! I know, I’m kinda not the right picture at the moment, but let’s make a deal and not tell anyone.

Listen guys, it seems like I’m here for the long run. I’ve been back & forth many times around, but what can I say. This is me.