Dailies 0041 | Xmas 2017

Retro life

VHS vlog with my grandma & sisters during Christmas… we ate cake, went to Starbucks, had a nice walk in Paris and laughed a lot !

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My best friend surprised me !

Best day ever !

My best friend and I, always miss each other so much because we live far apart… she came from Switzerland for a surprise visit to Paris, we went to the Quai Branly museum, and it was great 😀

© Video by Madison Kennedy


We almost died !

When my sister and I decided to go for a nice walk and venture into our grandma’s field, we never expected so many crazy adventures to happen to us… the most frightening one ? We came face to face with a wild looking animal, but was it actually a fox ?!

© Video by Madison Kennedy

CAUSING TROUBLE (at the Science Museum)

That was intense

Last summer my sister and I were in Serbia, and the temperatures were so high we didn’t know what to do with ourselves; then I thought about the Science Museum and their AC, also that they have fun things and experiments, which decided us to go.

© Video by Madison Kennedy

I WAS OUTTA CONTROL (at Disneyland Park)

This was a bad idea !

There it is, the last part of my Disneyland Paris vlog… it took me a while to edit, it’s basically a 25 minutes movie of my life that day. I had the best time ! My sister survived me, I was so hyper, and we got lost at some point… but fun 🙂

© Video by Madison Kennedy