I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

My Instagram Stories

I started using the new Instagram “Stories” feature some week ago, and although I got some bad vibes in the beginning because it’s a total (& blatant) rip-off of Snapchat, I decided to post content there too anyway. The reason why is because my Snapchat is for more personal updates about my life, like what I do or am into, and an overshare of selfies – especially using their awesome filters. Whereas on my IG Stories you’ll find more professional things, as I mostly share travel photos and BTS (behind the scenes).

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© Photography by Madison Kennedy

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.

Websites I don’t really use anymore…

… but you can still check out

This is my old portfolio, that I made when I was just starting to get familiar with photography; I get so nostalgic whenever I look at the pictures !

That’s the fansite that brought me to “fame”… with over 50.000 followers, back in the day when I was a teenager, it was a phenomenon. It’s based on my fave singer, Avril Lavigne.

We Heart It
I actually use that one sometimes for inspiration, or when I make my moodboards but I don’t really post on it anymore.

Basically, I barely update any of these but if you’re interested, check the links 🙂

if i die before my favorite show ends, then use a ouija board to keep me updated about what happens next

I was blogging this weekend ?

You might have noticed I was absent this week, and posted a couple updates only over the weekend. I usually don’t blog on weekends because I’m on a break then, so I don’t have time for it, but exceptionally I did since it wasn’t my intention to let an entire week pass without any updates. This shouldn’t happen again (or if it does, then that’ll be because I have no other choice). I have an actual schedule though now; since I found my balance between things, I’m confident The Blog will work out much better !

Snapchat 👻 mads.kennedyif i die before my favorite show ends, then use a ouija board to keep me updated about what happens next

i found my balance

To New Beginnings !i found my balanceSnapchat 👻 mads.kennedy

Remember a couple of days ago I talked to you guys about, how my blog was looking messy ? I just found out there was no structure, and that’s because of my new way of blogging. I’ve set myself free from any obligations, so I could have fun again sharing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted ! & the fun part, that totally came back to me 🙂

I love blogging more than ever now… but, I’m missing out on a lot since I don’t even set some time aside anymore, for that purpose only. It’s became completely random, and that also shows in my posts. I don’t think it reflects the real me; yes I’m kinda crazy and there’s no actual control over things in my life, I’m wild & rebel at heart so I let things happen without restrictions.

But I’m also an artist, a photographer and an aspiring filmmaker… I write stories every week, I stop and record videos, I edit pictures like they’re my fave memories, I like to help out and make a difference if given the possibility, I love experimenting with beauty routines and chat about style, and music of course, is at the center of my life ! So many things that make the real me.

That’s exactly how I want you to be able to see me, and that can happen if I find a balance to show you so. I’m writing this to say, that I finally did it 😀 I sat back, and thought about it and came up with a no-pressure plan, that’s going to change the mess into more creative and inspired content. I’m so excited about this, at last I’m going to do exactly what my life and dreams are about, and you’ll be the awesome audience to my journey.

Snapchat update

Last week I made it available on my Snapchat for you guys to chat with me, or even send me snaps if you wanted… I thought it would be a cool experience so that I could meet some of you & get to know you better. EXCEPT it wasn’t all that nice. I mean, the fact that I had to block some users because they were overly bothering — even after asking a couple of times to “please, stop” which obviously was not understood.

After some point it became harassment. This is absolutely not why I opened up the chat to my followers, and although I could basically block everyone who is behaving that way, it’s still a fastidious effort since I’d have to open the chats or snaps and check it for myself… which I don’t want to do anymore. I have zero interest in finding out whatever obnoxious thing has been sent to me.

So unfortunately, my Snapchat chat is private again. What does that mean ? well that after only a week, I don’t want to deal with offensive individuals any longer. Just want to have fun and talk with my friends, so the chat is reserved to them only. But everyone else can still check out my snaps, since they are public in My Story. I met this week some of you that were really cool, and I loved our talks, so thanks for chatting, but this is my final decision. Wish you all a great day ! xoxox

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hello 😄☀️😘

I’m in Belgrade, capital city of Serbia, with my sister Dakota for a couple of days… it’s going to be an extended weekend stay ! We should be back on Wednesday, but until then I can’t really blog on the go;

I posted updates on Snapachat (mads.kennedy) & Twitter if you wanna check ☺️

The weather is amazing here, over 30 degrees Celsius every day – I’m loving it. We’re visiting as many things as we can, and I’m taking a lot of pictures, can’t wait to share that on The Blog.

Wish you all to have fun and enjoy your summer 👑 see ya’ soon !

it’s hard to be attractive when you’re not

What’s up everyone  🙂it's hard to be attractive when you're not

© Photography by Madison Kennedy

Sorry about this week’s radio silence, but I’ve been working on a personal project and haven’t been able to take my focus out of it & blog here. It’s not an interesting project, or something I’d want to share online, so I’m not gonna say what it’s about. This short post is just to give you an update.

Also sorry about the low quality Snapchat selfies, I thought some of you might appreciate seeing my face though 😛  Something important I wanted to talk about is the way I’m posting on The Blog… there’s content being published almost daily, except on the weekends since I take my weekends off & don’t do any kind of work then.

I noticed that I do need sometimes to take a one or two weeks break from blogging, because I have many important things besides that going on in my life, and it’s simply not realistic or healthy to exhaust myself over tasks I could leave for another time. I am promising not to take longer breaks than that, and from now on I will notify you when that happens, instead of leaving you without any news. That’s all for now ! Enjoy your Friday night xoxox

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it's hard to be attractive when you're notit's hard to be attractive when you're notit's hard to be attractive when you're notit's hard to be attractive when you're not