The Broad, part 2

The Broad, part 2
Jenny Salville, Stare

Here’s part two of my little visit to The Broad museum. There’s too many artists on show in this post, so I’ll write them down as captions under each art.

I was struck by the powerful images on display, and sculptures as well. It excited my mind, and the overall experience was quite pleasing. What is incredible about art, is how most pieces can still apply to contemporary times. I just love scrolling around galleries and letting it inspire me.

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The Broad, part 1

The Broad, part 1

I went to The Broad for the first time the other day, and they have the most amazing little collection. It is so well curated, I did not expect such beautiful and striking pieces. I took many pictures of the Art, just so I could show you my favorites, but there’s so many that I have to split it in two posts.

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