“What do you do for a living” I do my best

"What do you do for a living" I do my best

It’s always a good idea to take off for a few days to Switzerland, and get some fresh air. It’s especially good if your best friend lives there, and by just seeing her your energy is replenished.

Paris has this special gift of making people depressed… I mean, I’m not even joking. If you live there, you know. Looks pretty like a postcard on the outside, but on the inside it’s cold, grey and dirty. It weighs you down, after a couple of weeks, you need new horizons or else it takes the best out of you.

And I’m definitely not one to let it get to me, which is why I travel so often. I need to escape.

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It’s October already ?? What’s next ? November ???

It's October already ?? What's next ? November ???

When I went to visit my best friend in Switzerland, where she’s been living for many years now… I never expected that a little road trip would turn out so gorgeous. The views on the mountains while cruising, were absolutely astounding. It was completely breathtaking, and I understood so very well, why my bestie moved here.

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Slow down and soak it up

A joyful heart is good medicine

Slow down and soak it up
If I had to choose a favorite activity it would be flying… up in the air, just above the clouds, is the best place to be. I enjoy watching the world and see its wonders. Traveling has such a freeing feeling to it, I wish to discover more of it and share my memories with you.

Slow down and soak it upSlow down and soak it upSlow down and soak it upSlow down and soak it upSlow down and soak it upSlow down and soak it up

I live seat 1A

My experience as a Business Class passenger

I live seat 1A
I haven’t been back to Serbia for almost two years, and so I decided to take a one-month vacation to visit my family. When I was booking my plane ticket of course I decided to go with Swiss Airlines, just because I get a layover in Zurich to see my best friend.

Even though it’s only for a couple of hours, we at least can meet up in person and chat, and it feels really good when you’re living apart like we are. It’s just not easy to get some time together, so we take whatever we can get. We are planning though on a “best friends trip” soon, I can’t wait for that !

I went for the Business Class ticket since I had a lot of luggages, and I didn’t want to be at the airport 2 hours prior… the economy lines for check-in and security are such a waste of time, and my flight was 6:30 am. No thanks.

I had an amazing experience and I don’t think I’m going to fly economy again.  On short-haul flights you can’t even request any particular food, they give you the snacks they have planned. But I’m gluten free intolerant, so I was used to bring my own snacks or starve the whole flight.

In Business they bring you whatever fits your diet, and not only that but you get access to the lounges, which have buffets with delicious food and drinks you can order tailored to your needs – and it’s all included with your ticket. No extra fees, not a care in the world basically.

Priority boarding and get off the aircraft, as well as getting your luggages right away is extra. Also the fact that while I was at the airport I had showers available, and high speed internet wherever I went was the best feeling. I definitively think that it’s worth the price, it’s profitable and I don’t know why the heck I hadn’t done this before. From now on, I know better.

I live seat 1AI live seat 1AI live seat 1AI live seat 1AI live seat 1AI live seat 1A

Red flavor

All red for Fall

Red flavorI miss my best friend a lot, I can’t wait to see her soon in Paris… check out some of our pictures from back when I went to visit her in Switzerland; the weather was chilly and rainy but we still managed to do a whole photoshoot !
Red flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavorRed flavor

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