CLINIQUE Pep-Start Eye Cream review

Liked it despite the final grade…

This is going to be a mixed-up feeling kinda review.

My eyes are super extra sensitive, they even get swollen and allergies from natural eye care products, which makes sense : pollen (amongst other). I always have to pay attention to what type of cream, oil or gel I’m getting for around that area & it’s a total nightmare. I love Clinique’s skincare line, I trust them, never had an issue with that brand, their stuff are dermatologically & ophthalmologically tested.

I know whatever I get from Clinique won’t give me allergies, which is a big plus. This eye cream is so light, it’s almost a gel and I do prefer gels in general, so it was just really nice and easy to apply. I liked that sensation and it moistured okay, my dehydration wrinkles didn’t go away for sure but the fine lines were blurred out overtime but definitively no new wrinkle-whatsoever appeared while I was using this.

Honestly, it did a good job on my dark circles. I’ve read reviews of people who didn’t notice a difference and I’m sure it has to do with the fact that we all have a different skin, so what works for me might not work for someone else, but I saw the effect on me and I would totally get that “pep-start” they were talking about, my eyes looked more refreshed and it was lightly enjoyable because physically noticeable.

Now the things that I didn’t like and became a deal breaker for me are the following….

First, I hated the tube it came in. Like, there’s this stupid ball pit that you gotta open up with your thumb so you can squeeze some cream out through it, and it’s impossible to get all the cream towards the end because it just gets stuck in there and it’s a waste of product. Supposedly, you have to use that ball on your eyes & dark circles, I didn’t because it’s made of plastic and weird.

The second thing I hated, because it made my mornings a little more annoying : unless I used a tiny bit of the cream around the area, the least possible for hydration purposes, and waited for it to dry out completely, I couldn’t do my eye makeup because it would get completely smudgy and disgusting. I don’t like not moisturizing my eye area enough, because it’s so dry but I couldn’t have it my way.

Lastly, it’s just not moisturizing enough for me and since that’s what I actually need this isn’t a good fit. Even though overall it can be a good cream, the tube is almost like a toy in my opinion and better for people who don’t have dry skin like me, or fine lines. Maybe for some teenagers, just to get started on eye care.

GRADE 3/5 I wouldn’t recommend it, unless it was a young person who didn’t really need much moisture since it does give that “pep-start” look and help with dark circles. I have a very dry skin all over, so obviously this wasn’t right for me, I still enjoyed the texture and the light effect it had.

PRICE 0.5 oz | 15 ml 26.50$

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FRESH Soy Face Cleanser review

You gotta wash your face…

A month ago I headed to a Sephora that was nearby – the one in Santa Monica, on Third Street Promenade. I needed help, and I knew that I could find it in that place. My problem was my skin obviously… I started to break out pretty bad over the summer. For whatever reason, my skin became allergic to some ingredients & brands and everything I had and kept using just made it worse.

So I had to stop and talk with an expert; I was really happy to find myself in the hands of a couple great employees of that Sephora. They literally saved my skin with never-heard before tips and how to manage my daily skincare routine, and add some weekly things that were much needed.

This week I’m gonna talk to you about this amazing face wash. It’s the best cleanser I’ve ever used in my life, and I am totally not over exaggerating at all. I was actually so surprised because guess what ? I thought my skin was allergic to water, so I would actually never wash my face, just use micellar water and a toner only to find out that I was doing it completely wrong.

They “tested” my skin with some weird devices and told me that I didn’t have combination – oily skin like I always thought, but that my skin was normal on the dry side & sensitive. A total shocker because all my life I never thought that was the case. They also basically told me what I was doing wasn’t appropriate, thus explaining my breakouts. Guys really… if you’re in the LA area, go to that Sephora because it saves lives.

I got this cleanser with the recommendation to always wash my face, every single day, morning & evening without a fault, because that’s what could help get rid of all the day and night residues. Obviously, I was worried to expose my skin to so much water… two weeks later, I was barely breaking out. That combined with the other products I got, completely changed the deal.

Every time I would use this cleanser my skin would feel so clean and fresh, and it was just the best sensation. I’d never felt my skin cleaner before, this was like reviving my skin and prepping it for my routine. It was like a clean slate, and much needed for me… it rebalanced it all. I absolutely adore this product, I would recommend it to anyone. It’s in my opinion, just the best face wash ever.

GRADE 5/5 I would rebuy this forever and keep it in my drawer as my go-to if I didn’t have to test and review other products sometimes, but this is more like a fave of mine, I think I just found my Holy Grail for a face cleanser.

PRICE 1.7 oz | 50 ml 15$ – 5.1 oz | 150 ml 38$

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OLE HENRIKSEN Truth Serum review

Vitamin C is key !

Hello everyone ! I’ve decided I am going to review the beauty products that I use, I want to give my opinion on them so that you can get an overall idea and maybe make up your mind if you were hesisating, or searching for a certain thing. I am a beauty products hoarder, I’m totally into skincare, I try a lot of different brands etc. I’m only going to review products I have completely finished using though, because I want to have the full experience before judging it.

Now that we’re done with this explanatory introduction, let’s get to it.

This Truth Serum from Ole Henriksen is one of their best sellers. It contains Vitamin C, which is like super important for your aging skin. It’s basically THE proactive ingredient must have, and it apparently also helps regerate your skin if you have scars and things like that.

Personally I have good genes, so my skin makes me look way younger than I am, I don’t really need an anti-aging anything at all. But the reason why I still wanted to try this one out, is because it’s mostly proactive and I thought it would be great to treat my skin in advance kind of. Plus it’s natural, so it would definitely not damage my skin and I do have acne scars, which convinced me to buy this because who doesn’t want to get rid of those.

My experience was extremely positive, so much that I almost bought it again… from the moment I started using it I noticed a difference in my complexion, instead of being dull it seemed a little brighter & healthier. I loved the smell, like oranges. It’s one of my favorite scent and it was delightful to apply. I have a skin that is prone to breakouts but it never made me breakout, plus I noticed that I didn’t breakout as bad as I used to; I used to have big scabs on my face, but now my acne is to a minimum, almost nothing in comparison to before using the serum.

I feel like if I had used it longer, my scars would have been more faded away, but honestly this serum did such a good job to my face that I didn’t even go out wearing makeup anymore because my skin looked nicer than it has in a long time, and it felt great. I didn’t notice anything about the anti-aging effect, but probably because I don’t really have any wrinkle… so, obviously I can’t judge on that. That’s why I’m not buying it again, because I believe this serum is for people who are at least 35 years old & older. Probabaly, even more like 40’s.

Definitevely not my age range. My skin is still young & supple, I think I need a serum that’s doing everything this one does, minus made for people who need anti-aging. I believe that if you use things that aren’t adapted to your needs, in the long run it’ll cause more harm than good.

GRADE 4/5 I would recommend to at least try it if you’ve considered it before, but only if you’re in your 30’s because I’m not sure it’s really necessary otherwise, there’s other alternative serums for under that age.

PRICE 1 oz | 30 ml 48$ – 1.7 oz | 50 ml 72$ – 3.4 oz | 100 ml 128$

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6 movies you must see before a trip to Los Angeles

These movies capture the city of angels to its coreNeon HeartSnapchat 👻 mads.kennedy

Yesterday I went to pick up my sister Dakota at the airport, and every time I think about planes and flying I can’t help but picture L.A. 🙂 It’s my favorite destination in the world, and I thought about some movies that from my personal experience, represent the essence of that place the best, and got the idea of sharing that on The Blog !

The Bling Ring & Somewhere – Both directed by Sofia Coppola, who has an eye for showing the washed out glorified parts of Los Angeles. These two movies are just it; fame is a lonely word and probably isn’t worth running after when it rhymes with trouble.
Drive & Nightcrawler – Excellent cinematography, good scenario and amazing actors. One is a kind of poetic and violent ode to the most notable thing in L.A. which is driving. The second depicts the ugly behind the scenes of news people and to what extents some will go to achieve their dreams, even if their behavior is wrong.
Sunset Boulevard & The CanyonsSunset Blvd is a classic black and white must watch ! Portraying a silent era actress gone mad, living in her Hollywood Golden Age mansion, it’s a film noir that is like a history book of that period in time. The Canyons is a very cringe-worthy movie, it might have gotten negative reviews but trust me, there’s more truth to it on Los Angeles, than any other.

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