BTS Photoshoot

from “hello darkness

The photoshoot ended up in black and white, but here you can watch the behind the scenes in full color, filmed with my loyal Leica camera.

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hello darkness

Touch of grunge for a lady
hello darkness

I was not necessarily pumped about having a photoshoot that day because the weather was gloomy, and I do prefer taking pictures outside. Without professional lighting equipment, I found the results not being to my usual standards. I’m just grateful I had a good-looking model, because that always helps make the pictures better.
hello darknesshello darknesshello darknesshello darknesshello darknesshello darknesshello darknesshello darknesshello darknesshello darknesshello darknesshello darkness

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AutoportraitureSO GLAD I DID THIS !

Buying the Nikon D3300 was the best decision I recently made, I am so happy with this camera ! I’m excited to go outside and test it out, but so far no such luck… it has been pouring rain in Paris, not the ideal weather for photography. Soon though ! It’s like we say in french “après la pluie, le beau temps” because after rain, is expected good weather.

The minor issues I encountered in the beginning were no big deal really, it’s just that I didn’t know how to attach the universal adapter to the battery charger, then the charger’s light was blinking which I thought was maybe a problem, but actually wasn’t. Lastly, I had no idea how to mount a lens… I know how it sounds, but I’ve worked with a Bridge so far, I didn’t have to care about lenses.

This camera is so easy to use though, that even if I can’t go outside take any pictures yet, I am already shooting self-portraits. I’m really enjoying this DSLR, it’s such a good tool 😀 ps. my hair is almost always messy because I don’t brush it, sorry about that 😛

© Photography by Madison KennedySO GLAD I DID THIS !SO GLAD I DID THIS !SO GLAD I DID THIS !Closer look at my red lips. I used the MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus #2 🙂

Beauty brand crush

Love Kiehl’s !untitled © Photography by Madison Kennedy

One of my favorite skincare brands is Kiehl’s. I’m super faithful to their products, because they’re extra good and I literally love almost everything they’ve made. My most repurchased item from them, is their sunscreen. I use it on a daily, I never break out from it, it doesn’t make my face look like a zombie and it’s very lightweight. It’s perfect to use whenever, but of course you definitely need something stronger if you’re sunbathing on a beach.

I recently tried their BB cream, and I gotta say that one is also a win. I’ve never used BB creams before in my life, and the texture is so much better than foundation that I would never again put more coverage than needed for an everyday look. I’m totally into this BB cream, because it blends really well and it just gives my face an improved skin-tone, and it looks very natural. So yeah… this is my beauty brand crush. I’m gonna share more of my faves in the future, stay tuned !

My sister’s birthday party

An evening to remember 🙂

My sister's birthday party

Here’s a couple Snapchat stills I took at my sister’s birthday party… everything was perfect that evening ! From my outfit, to my makeup and hair on point. I had so much fun, it was one of the most enjoyable time spent with my family. I wore a dress from Guess, shoes from Forever 21, ring from Nordstrom and nailpolish by Yves Saint Laurent.

My sister's birthday party Snapchat 👻 mads.kennedyMy sister's birthday party