Before Alice got to Wonderland, she had to fall.

HOTEL PARTICULIER MONTMARTRE – Victoria is posing for me this evening; we tried to get into the Chinese New Year’s vibe with the reds, but my photography ended up looking quite experimental (or “artsy” as she said). I actually like these unexpected results more, it gives a special feeling to our photoshoot.


Shark Reef

This place is amazing ! At the Mandalay Bay hotel & casino in Las Vegas, they have an aquarium with so many sea creatures… it’s beautiful. I loved it so much I made a video…

© Video by Madison Kennedy

sleep is for the people without internet access

Photographic memories with bestie

Last year, pretty much at this time I was in Los Angeles, and I hung out a lot with my best friend from EF Redondo Beach school. We also went to visit San Diego together, and he even tried to teach me how to take pictures of the stars at night… but it ended up being a total fail, and I honestly don’t remember any of his good advices now; still, we had fun 😀 I was thinking about our adventures, laughing to myself today, and wanted to share a couple shots he took of me & some I took of him… you know.

Portraits of me by Noah Aaronhson
© (other) Photography by Madison Kennedy


I love you !


© Photography by Madison Kennedy

I love my sister Dakota so much… she’s the most important person in my life. She’s always been there for me, like a hardcore rock. I’m the bigger sister, but she’s definitively always been the strongest one : she’s my little sun. She’s supported my crazy ideas and helped me whenever she could, no matter what I had in mind, trusting me even (especially) when no one else would. & There’s nobody in the whole world I trust more than her. She’s just my favorite person.

I’m grateful beyond compare to have her as a sister, but she’s more than that to me, she’s my best friend also. I want to say thank you to her, and let everyone know that she’s the greatest human being on this planet, and how in more ways than one she abled me to become who I am today. Through her support and care, I gained the wings I needed to fly away and accomplish the things I dreamed of, and couldn’t have done otherwise. Thank you immensely D., I love and adore you. I miss you so much… see you in 40 days !

Spending Halloween at the Bellagio in Las Vegas
In Santa Monica, enjoying a day out to the beach


Grocery shopping in Calabasas


Amazing view on Los Angeles from the Getty Center


Eating her fave : the bacon & gouda breakfast sandwich at Starbucks


From the Griffith Observatory (the Hollywood sign is blurred out in the background)



Waiting for the sunset in Redondo Beach