Immune diseases

Immune diseases

I guess I’m finally ready to talk about what I have…

Been dealing with health issues for the past couple of years, and was not properly diagnosed until recently. The diagnosis was really helpful in a way, because I could begin proper treatment.

Unfortunately it’s a bit late, my body has been in crisis mode since September ’22. At this point for the treatment to kick in, it takes a while. I’ve been home basically since then, you can’t imagine all the things someone can go through dealing with that. It’s like another confinement, with added pain. So that’s great.

For that reason, and because I couldn’t find the necessary ressources for myself online, I decided to tackle on a little finite online project. I’m creating an instagram account I titled @immunediseases.

So I will be sharing anything health, wellness, cooking, fitness, and self-care related there. Because my blog is more for photography, and I don’t want to mix that here. Plus, as I said it’s a finite project, once I babbled on everything I have on this topic, I’ll just leave it be : hopefully by then I will be healed, and able to start working on the actual projects I’ve been dreaming of.

But in the meantime, I’m not gonna sit around and not even share what I’ve learned or experienced through my own issues.

If you are unfortunately like me, living with autoimmune diseases, or know someone etc… go and take a look at my new instagram. I’ll start posting there from next Monday. You can ask me any questions there, regarding those topics. It’s going to be a safe place for those matters. xoxox

Immune diseases
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