Last bits of Spring

Last bits of Spring

Don’t know if y’all remember, but I re-opened my photo store via 500px recently… here it is !

Because they had changed their payouts rules in favor to the photographer; but they’re so complicated, they barely accept any picture for licensing. It has to be super basic, something they for sure know it would sell, or shot with a real high quality camera. So I’ve been struggling to get myself at over 20… and it’s not even my fave pictures.

That’s just not how I like to shoot, plus I don’t care about the quality so much, I’m more into this film-like aesthetic that I have going on, which fits me perfectly. Besides, I’m a hobbyist photographer, I ain’t gonna drop a large sum of money on a high end camera, when my iPhone already gives me incredible shots.

Anyway. I’m gonna have to move my sales to another platform ! I’m keeping 500px for sure, and I’ll update it as usual, but I need something where I can pick and choose what I want for sale, and have better options for myself. I guess I’m gonna be spending my next few days (and not weeks hopefully) at this research and make. 🧿 We’ll see what I come up with, xoxox.

Last bits of Spring
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Back from my unannounced break !

Back from my unannounced break !

Hello everyone !

So, as you might have noticed, I did take a month-long unannounced break… there’s a couple things I want to get out of the way;

The first reason I stopped blogging all of a sudden, is because I realized I was overexposed and I wasn’t really vibing with that anymore. Especially after my doctor told me I should just chill, and figure out my new needs and adjust my expectations along with that. I also like pretty much stopped hopping & sharing on Instagram or TikTok. Honestly it was really good, helped me figure out some things.

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Girl arriving at LAX: “I have a week’s worth of sh*t talking to do”

Girl arriving at LAX: "I have a week's worth of sh*t talking to do"

I’m in L.A. b*tch !

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Having a job is cool, but everyday ?

Having a job is cool, but everyday ?

My best friend surprised me with a quick visit to Paris !
The day before I left for my summer vacay to Crete island. We had an amazing day walking around the city, which is absolutely gorgeous at that time of the year. I always miss her so much, so when we see each other, it’s a moment !

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