Los Angeles, I’m yours ❤️

The Venice Canals

Los Angeles, I'm yours
Italy ?… Never heard of her !

What has always baffled & amazed me, is that you can literally find anything in L.A. That place will either make or break your dreams, but in the process you will have experiences unlike any other place.
Los Angeles, I'm yoursLos Angeles, I'm yoursLos Angeles, I'm yours

I WAS OUTTA CONTROL (at Disneyland Park)

This was a bad idea !

There it is, the last part of my Disneyland Paris vlog… it took me a while to edit, it’s basically a 25 minutes movie of my life that day. I had the best time ! My sister survived me, I was so hyper, and we got lost at some point… but fun 🙂

© Video by Madison Kennedy


Gone wrong !!

First part to my Disneyland Paris vlog… I am super sick in bed with bad tonsillitis. I’m trying to work, but it’s difficult. Still managed to edit half of the vlog, and upload so you can see it 😀

© Video by Madison Kennedy


Wild times !!

Here’s a little preview to what you can expect seeing in my upcoming vlog… this is my Snapchat story from the day my sister & I went to Disneyland Park & Studios in Paris 🙂 add me on 👻 mads.kennedy

© Video by Madison Kennedy

me *at family gatherings* : i’m gracing you with my presence

All those times Khloe spoke out my mood…me *at family gatherings* : i'm gracing you with my presenceSnapchat 👻 mads.kennedy

This basically sums me up :tumblr_inline_o67tla57W11t7a4lk_500

Whenever someone asks me something :tumblr_inline_o67tl84MRj1t7a4lk_500

When I’m not actually home, I’m just thinking :tumblr_njh3kqNvPf1rnfb9bo1_500-1438094605

But let’s be real, this is what I do in my bedroom :tumblr_inline_o67tl7e2xl1t7a4lk_500

When responsibilities come up, I’m like :khloe-gif6-1438094599

This is why I’m such a loner :tumblr_inline_nbenieKEay1rynlhg

Haters gotta hate, people’s gotta gossip but :giphy-3-1438095992

&When I’m so done…tumblr_inline_nft5og1Yh41s2m7xu

xoxox ! This was fun to make 🙂 These gifs are literally so accurate when it comes to the kind of moods I can go through, that you totally got to know my personality a little better after this.

The Vlog Diaries – Scary walk home

Taking the trash out in the middle of the night, by my lone self, when I live in the countryside and everything screams “horror movie setting” wasn’t my best idea yet…

© Video by Madison Kennedy

“Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Afternoon in Santa Monica

I went to the pier with my sister Dakota that day. It was gloomy but warm, we took a bunch of portraits of each other and even got asked by a stranger if we wanted a picture together, which we gladly accepted. Also had some fun in front of the Bubba Gump restaurant, trying on Forrest’s shoes.

Portraits of me by Dakota Kennedy – Portrait of us by a nice stranger
© (other) Photography by Madison Kennedy