If you’re so smart then riddle me tits

Sunsets are magic happening ☀️

If you're so smart then riddle me tits

Seeing the sun disappear in the endless water surrounding us on this little island that Crete is, was such a beautiful experience. The colors were fantastic and I wished for that moment to never end, which is why I immortalised it on camera. So I can have the souvenir of that feeling, of that perfect evening with my love, forever.

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My toxic trait is buying whatever I want when I’ve had a bad day

I love wearing hats 😊

My toxic trait is buying whatever I want when I've had a bad day

My boyfriend takes wonderful portraits of me ! Props to him 💞

We’re here in Heraklion, Crete. On our way to the Rocca a Mare Fortress. We were supposed to reach the light house by sunset, but didn’t manage… it is quite a long road over the sea, about two km on foot. And we had many stops because the views were absolutely fantastic. Next time, we’ll go until the end of it ! #BucketList ✨

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Do birds ever fly or are they always on some kind of mission

I want summer to be there already #throwback

Do birds ever fly for fun or are they always on some kind of mission

I have some remaining pictures of my vacation to Crete to share… but WordPress has changed their desktop features, and it’s really annoying now. It took me a while to make a simple post, like I used to. I tried to switch to the “classic” layout, but it has disappeared. Well, old school was much better.

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Me always : who ??????????

Last evening in Crete

Me always : who ??????????

But not the last of my pictures… I still have a couple to share 😊

The memories are flashing back, this was one of the most incredible trips I’ve had, and I’m so thankful I got to share it with my love. We truly enjoyed our adventures there, and we wish to come back for more.

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I can’t believe we’ve finally made it to December, thirty years after 2020 started

By the highway

I can't believe we've finally made it to December, thirty years after 2020 started

On our way Chania we saw this gorgeous cove all the way from the main road and stopped the car there. It looked so peaceful, the water was cristal clear… we were stunned by this discovery.

We were the only ones at this place, so naturally my boyfriend went for a swim ! As you will see on the pictures. He truly enjoyed this piece of paradise to himself, while I was watching over from the sunny coast.

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