A fishermen’s village

A Fishermen's village

And then the storm hit !

If you’ve been following my adventures from a couple posts ago, then you know we somehow stranded ourselves on Spinalonga island, tried to bribe our way back to shore without any luck, until we bumped into the nicest boat guy who was sailing for a village named Plaka… and he only took us in because there was an alert being broadcasted for an incoming storm, and they stopped sending boats on waters.

Got to this beautiful seaside village, to dry ourselves in a café because we got drenched in the boat, under a crazy rain. Finally found a taxi to take us back to our hotel in another city, the pretty Elounda, and got not-so-suprised by the storm during that ride. Ran from taxi door, to hotel door, in already over two inches of rain. Ended up wet again, but at the rooftop restaurant of our hotel, with a nice cocktail. Delightful. In France we say “après la pluie, le beau temps” so I guess, good weather must be incoming now.

A Fishermen's village
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