Oneiroi, Director’s Cut – found footage

This is one of my first short films I made, back in the day when I had dreams of becoming a filmmaker and was living in Los Angeles. This movie was made in 2013, and for some reason we did two edits…

I had the first one short, made by a friend who already knew how to edit. Then I made my own, which I titled so humbly “Director’s Cut’ it was twice the length, but for some reason the people I ended up showing this little flick to, enjoyed the longer version better.

Then I don’t really know what happened, but I lost the movie file in one of my hard drives, and the download website where I had stored it, had deleted it. I thought I would never see my version again, until today… I stumbled upon it, exactly where I thought : one of my old hard drives.

So if you have the patience to watch this old thing, that was made without any means or actual budget, and is frankly quite hilarious to see how we managed to do anything for the story, then please, enjoy !