For Sichuan cuisine, come to Trantranzai !

For Sichuan cuisine, come to Trantranzai !

What a change of scene !

This restaurant is one of our fave with my boyfriend ❤️ we love noodle soup made with that special Sichuan pepper. Sichuan pepper has an incredible taste. We love it so much we even bought some to use in our homemade Asians dishes. If you don’t know what it is, don’t be a fool and try it out 😂

So Trantranzai (that’s the name of the place), is quite famous in Paris. Not only is the decor the coolest; you really feel like you’re in a little joint in the middle of nowhere-China. But also the food is gorgeously good ! Ugh… yum.

I don’t know what they do to their noodles, but they’re always perfect. It’s a fun experience to be there, you can also choose how spicy you want your food to be (my boyfriend goes for 4, while I’m not that adventurous… I take 0 🤣). The only thing I’m not a fan of, are the desserts. They’re a bit bland. I’m also not a fan of bubble tea, it’s too sweet for me.

Rating for this restaurant is 2.5/10
I can’t grade them well because the last two times we went there, the waiters were super arrogant with us. They ignored us when we tried to order, and then forgot half our order. Also one of them put a finger in the soup they were giving us, which is completely unsanitary.

Also one of them in particular talked back to me on the stupidest thing ever : I was extremely tired because I have chronic pain from my rheumatoid arthritis, and I had been walking despite the pain, couldn’t wait to finally sit to rest my feet. So when she asked me what I wanted to order, I said “the vegetarian soup” paused and added “with vegetarian” which I know sounds stupid, but I got mixed up. Especially because I heard my boyfriend say before me “the vegetarian soup, with chicken” and then she made such a fuss out of that !

Basically looking at me like I was the dumbest person ever, telling me “what do you even mean, that doesn’t make any sense, the vegetarian is vegetarian obviously” I said “I just want the vegetarian soup. I was specifying that”. I ended up justifying my mistake ! Which I didn’t want to, tired like I was. She kept going, she wouldn’t let it go, she looked at me & hovering and kept saying “why are you saying that, what you’re saying makes no sense, what do you want to eat” and I said “the vegetarian soup, just that” and she continued “yes but why would you say vegetarian soup with vegetarian” and my boyfriend stepped in finally ! To say “she wants the vegetarian soup, we’ve ordered now”.

She was so annoyed at us, it was like she wanted to fight me, I felt so uncomfortable, she was really scary and mean to me. I don’t know why I triggered her so badly, I didn’t want to. Yes I made a mistake in my speech, but it’s not that big of a deal… seriously. I actually wanted to leave, but my boyfriend was too hungry for their noodles, which yes are good, but not worth being treated like that. I assure you there’s other noodle places in Paris.

47 boulevard du Montparnasse, Paris 6

For Sichuan cuisine, come to Trantranzai !
For Sichuan cuisine, come to Trantranzai !
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