Zurich here i come !

A well deserved break…
Zurich here i come !

It’s a short four-days getaway weekend to Zurich, so I can see my best friend. I’ve waited for this little trip for a couple months, I was so excited to come visit her again ! This city is incredible, can’t wait to post more pictures soon.
Zurich here i come !Zurich here i come !Zurich here i come !Zurich here i come !

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Fear tricks us into living a boring life

Finally, spring is here !
Fear tricks us into living a boring life

Paris is so much more enjoyable when warmer temperatures are around the corner; the sun shining on these old buildings, race cars driving through the atypical streets make for a lovely stroll.
Fear tricks us into living a boring lifeFear tricks us into living a boring lifeFear tricks us into living a boring lifeFear tricks us into living a boring lifeFear tricks us into living a boring lifeFear tricks us into living a boring life

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The Vlog Diaries – Last Minute Trip

Road trip back home

Very short vlog; about two weeks ago, my sister, grandma, (annoying) dog and I, went to Belgrade for a couple of days. We rushed our departure, because everyone missed wifi (yes, even my granny). Check out our crazy last minute trip !

© Video by Madison Kennedy

why i don’t drive

The “Nobody walks in Los Angeles” Myth
why i don't drive© Photography by Madison Kennedy

Whenever I’m in Los Angeles especially, people will ask me “how come you don’t drive ?” — true, the age you can get your driver’s license there is 16′ so I should have gotten mine long ago… true also, getting a car is super easy in a place like that, since it’s totally dominated by the car industry with like, big-ass highways cutting the city all over.

So, I definitively don’t have any excuses for not driving in L.A. I guess ?

Thing is, I’m not into driving. At all. I never actually wanted a driver’s license, I didn’t see the point to it in my life because most of the time I either take public transportation, or have someone driving me where I need to be. Never once I felt the need for having a car of my own, or a day where I said to myself “oh man, if only I could drive myself” because I’m used to the way I currently, and always have, travelled.

But, there’s like actual 3 reasons why I did not go through it;

  1. I’m kind of a rebellious person. Seeing almost everyone driving in L.A. didn’t make me want to do the same; just because everyone does it, doesn’t mean I will, and that it’s good to follow society’s pre-constructed ideals.
  2. It’s so not eco-friendly ! Public transportation is not as practical for sure, but even an Uber pool is better than driving your car around with all the gas that’s emitted in the atmosphere & whatever.
  3. I’m the laziest human being on the planet, taking the time to study and then pass the test is one thing, but having to drive knowing how clumsy I am ? No thanks, I feel more secure sleeping in the backseat while someone else is in charge of that.

That’s it, now you know why I don’t care about driving on my own. & Does L.A. really need another car on the street (aka. mine, abstractly speaking) being already overcrowded with them ? Heck, no. Also, a monthly tap card compared to all the expenses around owning a car is a total joke. I just find that annoying, bills and stuff, it’s unnecessary responsibilities and I avoid that as much as possible. Having a car is a great comfort, but I’d rather live my eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Vlog Diaries – We got lost

The Vlogging Era

I am really inspired my YouTubers like Casey Neistat and iJustine, and decided to make vlogs more often. I’ve definitively tried to step up my game on this one… regarding the content & editing phase mostly. Hopefully you enjoy it, I think vlogging could help me gain some useful skills for other video projects.

© Video by Madison Kennedy

“Los Angeles was the kind of place where everybody was from somewhere else and nobody really dropped anchor. It was a transient place. People drawn by the dream, people running from the nightmare.” by Michael Connelly.

Loved Memories from L.A.

Throwback to my last trip in Los Angeles. My favorite hangouts are always in Santa Monica, so here’s some pics of the most amazing place in the city 🙂

© Photography by Madison Kennedy