Even your worst days only have 24 hours.

Should we let others dictate how we look…

Even your worst days only have 24 hours.
I go back & worth with that question in mind – assuming your boyfriend likes your hair a certain way, or color, should you actually keep it that way only to please him ? Even though, it might not be a true reflection of who you are, or want to be.

I feel like for women, anything that has to do with our looks is so important to us, because that’s how we express ourselves. The patriarchal society tends to repress women’s freedom, voice and of course their appearance.

Most men will not understand how it is an every day challenge for a woman to let herself be. They’ve been raised in an unfair world that benefits them, so they think even how a woman keeps their hair or dresses up, is a due to them.

The reality that needs to be spoken out, is that it’s not. Women have let themselves be submissive over the generations, mostly out of a survival instinct. Which is totally comprehensible… we are also the nurturing souls, and if we cannot please a man enough, then how are we supposed to birth families.

But we are not slaves to their needs. We have to listen to what we want, because they don’t. If you like yourself the way you are, then stop listening to whoever is trying to change you to benefit them. You’re going to end up like a broken doll that doesn’t even recognize who they are anymore.

Your mom did not give you life, so that you would sacrifice it to an underserving man. You are not the victim to women’s past. You will rise for yourself, and for us, and we will put an end in time to men suffocating us. Be proud to be a woman, and act strongly by choosing what suits you.

Even your worst days only have 24 hours.Even your worst days only have 24 hours.Even your worst days only have 24 hours.Even your worst days only have 24 hours.Even your worst days only have 24 hours.Even your worst days only have 24 hours.

Book Club.

Avid reader…

Rupi Kaur, milk and honey – Rupi Kaur, the sun and her flowers – Amanda Lovelace, the princess saves herself in this one

The majority of my family & friends know me as the “Apple Girl”, I’m always on my devices, I’m checking things up or working on them and I’m literally inseparable from whether it’s my iPhone or MacBook Pro because those two are literally part of me !

It’s so hard to even take some time off my electronics and try to live in the moment, be part of what people like to call the real life… but it’s actually important to do so. I’ve started reading again, ACTUAL BOOKS. Not on my phone like I used to do, with iBooks or audiobooks. I’m going to old school and trendy libraries now, and I’m picking up the books that grab my attention.

The best of this new way to life is, I don’t even have to force myself. I’ve remembered how much I used to love reading. I’m discovering many beautiful and amazing stories, or thoughts from these incredible authors, and I’m loving every second of it. I feel prouder of myself, and it gives me confidence on my intellectuality so guys : start reading too !

Honestly, it only brings positiveness into life and that’s what we all need. These are my six picks of the month, I’ve already read two of them and feeling super motivated for the four remaining ones 🙂 I’ve inspired my best friend to follow my lead, she’s talking about it on her blog, check it out.

Otegha Uwagba, Little Black Book – Mary Shelley, Frankenstein – Lang Leav, Sad Girls