Things you don’t know about me

Winter edition

1 – I used to hate winter because of how cold it gets that season, and the snow that transforms in mud and gets you dirty… but now I find snow cute, and I like when it’s chilly outside as long as I’m wearing warm clothes. The Christmas Spirit is in me !

2 – I will drink so much hot cocoa and tea in winter, it’s actually scary.

3 – As I’m getting older, Christmas has become so important to me. I really need to celebrate it & like it should be. I have become a Xmazilla… total control freak over the decorations, and the comfort food, and music ! We’re having crazier than usual christmases now.

4 – I have the bad habit of buying myself a new pair of UGG boots every coming winter.

5 – I love staying cosy at home, it’s nice because I take extra time off to myself so I can read books… okay, and play video games. That’s the geek in me that speaks.

Zurich here i come !

A well deserved break…
Zurich here i come !

It’s a short four-days getaway weekend to Zurich, so I can see my best friend. I’ve waited for this little trip for a couple months, I was so excited to come visit her again ! This city is incredible, can’t wait to post more pictures soon.
Zurich here i come !Zurich here i come !Zurich here i come !Zurich here i come !

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where to eat gluten free & vegan food in Belgrade

Healthier & mind-conscious lifestyleMY TITS, MY MILK© Photography by Madison Kennedy

W Sushi
Sushis are always a great idea because they’re made of rice, algae and fish or vegetables which are all gluten free. It’s the easiest lunch or dinner stop for me.

Cold Pressok
My newest discovery, and the best one yet. Not only do they have cold pressed juices, but also foods like my all-time fave : kale chips. Everything is 100% vegan & gluten free.

Elixir Juice Bar
As the name indicates, they make real healthy juices but also fruit salads and other type of yummy things, like vegan bites.

Ice Box
It’s an ice cream shop that has vegan & gluten free ice creams : try the dark chocolate, it’s my favorite 🙂

Idea Super
It’s a supermarket that sells some vegan & gluten free options. There’s two different types of Idea though, search for the “Super” tag name next to it because it’s not always available in the other ones.

Is a bookstore but also tea place, which has cats running around… so cute ! I love going there, great tea selection, and very chill.