The world needs who you were made to be

Food is my religion

The world needs who you were made to be
I have honestly asked myself a couple times if I should become a food blogger because of how obsessed with food I am… can’t stop talking about it, can’t stop taking pictures of my meals and sharing them;

Which is such a strange behavior if I think about it, but it’s so satisfying on a personal level, I can’t even explain it. So here we go again…

I went to Pouchkine for macarons and an iced cream coffee, so tasty. Another day to Noglu for a gluten free breakfast, which was nice – but my favorite bakery remains Chambelland, they make by far the most delicious sweets, pies & pastries. Also had a beautiful dinner at Miznon, an Israeli restaurant with my boyfriend.

The world needs who you were made to beThe world needs who you were made to beThe world needs who you were made to beThe world needs who you were made to beThe world needs who you were made to beThe world needs who you were made to be

tutant meenage neetle teetles

I did not take a break ! The Blog is not taking any !
tutant meenage neetle teetles

I’ve been wondering for the past few days about something that I wanted to share on The Blog, and should I do it… or not do it ? Basically, it was kind of a conundrum for me, that’s why I haven’t posted anything at all, I just couldn’t make up my mind about it & it frustrated me to the point that I simply could not even bring myself to blog at all.

It’s no big deal really, but since I’ve “relaunched” The Blog recently, it came with some good changes, like taking my weekends off and deciding when I needed a week or two break sometimes, just so I can rest & relax, and also of course, work on some of my exciting projects with more time dedicated to it.

tutant meenage neetle teetles

I usually post content daily, but like this week it wasn’t the case because of that big question of mine I couldn’t solve… that made me realize, my blogging experience online should be more organic and feel natural. I don’t want to force myself writing or posting things when I don’t feel like it, even if I’m almost supposed to since it’s a promise I made as a blogger to stay committed. Also, I don’t want not to post something just because it’s not The Blog aesthetic.

I don’t want to care about none of these things, I want to share whatever I like here because it’s my space to do so, and it feels more fun like this. Before I took a big blogging break and relaunched The Blog, I used to have a pre-determined schedule with exactly what I would post every day of the week and at what time, and it seriously felt after many years of doing that, very forced and tiring.

tutant meenage neetle teetles

That’s why I stayed out of blogging for so long last year, I didn’t know if I wanted to blog anymore because of how mandatory and boring it felt. I just knew if I ever came back to it, would certainly never be like that again. To be honest with you guys, I never truly managed to stay out of blogging even during “the big break”. It’s a hobby and a pleasure of mine, and that’s what helped me become aware that I like it so much, I needed it back.

But different. Now, since the relaunch I don’t really have any constraining rules, and I definitively don’t want those anymore. I am breaking every rule that kept me away, just so I can be my truest genuine self & enjoy this much more by being in the moment. You can expect me posting random things I care about from now on, and that I think you will also find entertaining, even though it’s not my personal work. Love you ! xoxox

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tutant meenage neetle teetles