Book Club.

Avid reader…

Rupi Kaur, milk and honey – Rupi Kaur, the sun and her flowers – Amanda Lovelace, the princess saves herself in this one

The majority of my family & friends know me as the “Apple Girl”, I’m always on my devices, I’m checking things up or working on them and I’m literally inseparable from whether it’s my iPhone or MacBook Pro because those two are literally part of me !

It’s so hard to even take some time off my electronics and try to live in the moment, be part of what people like to call the real life… but it’s actually important to do so. I’ve started reading again, ACTUAL BOOKS. Not on my phone like I used to do, with iBooks or audiobooks. I’m going to old school and trendy libraries now, and I’m picking up the books that grab my attention.

The best of this new way to life is, I don’t even have to force myself. I’ve remembered how much I used to love reading. I’m discovering many beautiful and amazing stories, or thoughts from these incredible authors, and I’m loving every second of it. I feel prouder of myself, and it gives me confidence on my intellectuality so guys : start reading too !

Honestly, it only brings positiveness into life and that’s what we all need. These are my six picks of the month, I’ve already read two of them and feeling super motivated for the four remaining ones 🙂 I’ve inspired my best friend to follow my lead, she’s talking about it on her blog, check it out.

Otegha Uwagba, Little Black Book – Mary Shelley, Frankenstein – Lang Leav, Sad Girls

What on Earth is Wellness ?

These videos inspired my life !

Here’s the final two episodes from this amazing series produced by British VOGUE, with model Camille Rowe. I shared the previous ones here & here.

I talked about my interest for wellness on The Blog before, and how I thought it was a new important step that I should take in my life, as to help me feel better and happier, and just be more mindful not only of myself but things around me.

Since my first discussion about this, I tried some of what was brought in the series, like meditation, and found out that I have become not only more relaxed but also more open, and caring. Many good positive things, that I will be writing about in future posts. For now, I’m simply gonna say that I feel great and that wellness is inspiring the way I’m living.