Things you don’t know about me

Winter edition

1 – I used to hate winter because of how cold it gets that season, and the snow that transforms in mud and gets you dirty… but now I find snow cute, and I like when it’s chilly outside as long as I’m wearing warm clothes. The Christmas Spirit is in me !

2 – I will drink so much hot cocoa and tea in winter, it’s actually scary.

3 – As I’m getting older, Christmas has become so important to me. I really need to celebrate it & like it should be. I have become a Xmazilla… total control freak over the decorations, and the comfort food, and music ! We’re having crazier than usual christmases now.

4 – I have the bad habit of buying myself a new pair of UGG boots every coming winter.

5 – I love staying cosy at home, it’s nice because I take extra time off to myself so I can read books… okay, and play video games. That’s the geek in me that speaks.


We almost died !

When my sister and I decided to go for a nice walk and venture into our grandma’s field, we never expected so many crazy adventures to happen to us… the most frightening one ? We came face to face with a wild looking animal, but was it actually a fox ?!

© Video by Madison Kennedy

CAUSING TROUBLE (at the Science Museum)

That was intense

Last summer my sister and I were in Serbia, and the temperatures were so high we didn’t know what to do with ourselves; then I thought about the Science Museum and their AC, also that they have fun things and experiments, which decided us to go.

© Video by Madison Kennedy

I WAS OUTTA CONTROL (at Disneyland Park)

This was a bad idea !

There it is, the last part of my Disneyland Paris vlog… it took me a while to edit, it’s basically a 25 minutes movie of my life that day. I had the best time ! My sister survived me, I was so hyper, and we got lost at some point… but fun 🙂

© Video by Madison Kennedy

it’s 11pm and i’m in bed eating tortilla chips.

Tomorrow night I will be in Paris… tonight ? I’m at my best friend’s in Zürich. I came here a couple of days ago to spend some time with her. She’s an incredible human being, one of the most amazing that I am lucky enough to know and basically, count as family. We’re like sisters when together; I love her so much.

I was busy the week before leaving Serbia for Switzerland, so I had no time to schedule any posts for The Blog the way I usually do. Which of course, I felt bad about & started to blame myself because I promised I wouldn’t do that anymore… or that if it really had to happen, I would at least take some time off so I could give you a heads up, that I will be “ghosting” for some days.

Last time I wrote that, I definitively did not realize what it actually meant in real life. Now that it’s happening, I figured it was a mistake to promise such thing, because it’s totally impossible to keep. I mean, when I say I’m busy it also means I’m exhausted to a point I can’t handle anything at all. I barely make it to bed and fall asleep right away… so managing more than that is just not realistic.

I know there’s people who can deal with much more intense things in their lives, and still keep doing what they’ve put their responsibilities into : I’m not like that. I wish I were, but as hard as I try, my body and mind won’t every time, keep up with me & everything that I want. Sometimes, I learn that it’s all right to recognize my limits, for my own good.

That’s why I am not gonna stress myself over missing out on my blogging duties for a week. I am only gonna clarify and change what I wrote that last time when I was being reckless with a promise. My goal is to post an article a day on weekdays. I try to schedule them a week in advance so it allows me to skip blogging a day or two the next week, if I have to — because I’m traveling and unable to focus on The Blog during that time (for example).

Which is great, since that way it stays updated and nobody is missing anything. When I can’t do that, I try to post “live” the day there’s no scheduled posts, but that requires me to have an hour or two break from my crazy life, which is not always possible. When all my efforts to be proper with blogging fail, I try to publish the five posts I usually make, even if it steps up on my weekend.

Problem with that is my weekends are packed & needed for personal intentions, and it kills me to work then if I feel like I gotta. Basically what I’m trying to say is I’m really doing my best to keep my word, and be a good blogger & I think in all fairness I am not that bad, because I’ve created this blog in 2010 and it’s still up and running.

Thank you for your patience & occasionally baring with my irregular schedule. Now you know that if there’s no update it’s because I couldn’t make it, but that I tried to. Big kisses, xoxox ! Madison.

Extravagant wishlisht

Going broke for this ?!

My best friend and I love making awesome wishlists. We usually only share those between each other, but this time around, I made one with so many insanely high priced things I coveted, that it was super ridiculous. So I’ve decided to share it with you too ! I might do more wishlists for The Blog in the future, but for now here’s the craziest list I’ve ever done…

PS. Obviously I’m never going to buy all of these stuff, it was just for fun. I don’t actually believe that expensive means better. In my opinion what you can find at the drugstore is good enough for every need, that’s why I wouldn’t splurge.

Neroli Portofino perfume by Tom Ford, ‘REPLICA’ Beach Walk perfume by Maison Margiela, Orange Sanguine perfume by Atelier Cologne, Noël candle by Annick Goutal, Feu de Bois candle by Diptyque. Moisturizing soft cream by La Mer, ‘Silky Purifying’ Cleansing Gel STEP 1 by Sensai, ‘Silky Purifying’ Foaming Facial Wash STEP 2 by Sensai, Line Killer X-treme Corrector eye cream by Rexaline, CC Cream by CHANEL, Caviar Moisture Shampoo by Alterna & Hair Brush by Mason Pearson.

my blog is SUPER messy

I have no idea where I’m going…my blog is SUPER messy© Photography by Madison Kennedy

I am back from my extended weekend trip to Belgrade with my sister Dakota 🙂 It was so much fun ! OMG guys, I’ve got so many things to share & really can’t wait to edit it all and post it on The Blog.

But I just realized something… although I love the way I’m blogging nowadays (since I’ve relaunched my blog) which gives me a lot more freedom, and time to experiment and create things; it has become kinda messy.

The perks is I don’t feel like not blogging, because it’s not something I have to do anymore, it has become plain fun and a real hobby, which makes me come back to it more often than during the big break I put it through & when I wondered should I keep it up ? I don’t ask myself those questions now, I love blogging more than ever !

I guess though, I definitively want a little bit of consistency. Sure it’s nice having fun and all, but I totally get lost in my daily life doing whatever because of that. & then I just simply forget on those stuff I enjoy doing and making, because I don’t have a reminder since my schedule has become completely open to anything & it can be nothing at the same time.

That’s what’s not cool. That’s why it’s SUPER messy ! I’m gonna fix that though, it won’t be a pressure on me since it’s a change I decided on, for the best. It’s actually probably gonna be really good, I’m gonna be able to think, work & publish everything I’m into, and not have another week go by and feel like I missed out on something important.

So, stay tuned for what’s coming ! xoxox