Screen Test series

My muse’s first screen test

I wanted to start a new video series some time ago, and my mind was set on “screen tests”. It’s something we do in L.A. when we want to find out if we’re casting the right person, if they can fit the character. But, I will be just doing it because I enjoy the small chats that happen during those sessions & I want to expand it into a series, getting as many people as I can involved.

© Video by Madison Kennedy

Time for another Q&A

Time for another Q&ASnapchat 👻 mads.kennedy

What tv show are you binge watching right now ?
I binge watched Stranger Things last Friday night, loved the show 🙂

Who is your favorite YouTuber ?
iJustine because she’s into tech stuff, her cooking videos are hilarious & I like how she edits her vlogs.

What bands are you currently listening to ?
Metronomy, Tame Impala and Chromatics. The Less I Know the Better, Miami Logic and Night Drive on a loop.

How would you describe your personality ?
I’m a little hyperactive maybe, definitively crazy. I like having fun and messing around, joking with people. I’m friendly, but I have a hard time being serious; if you get me there I can discuss of anything because I have a curious mind. I’m also very clumsy,  and probably the type of geek cliché you’d see on The Big Bang Theory. When I work I’m focused and bossy.

What words do you say a lot ?
That’s embarrassing to admit 😛 basically, literally, actually, definitively, really… I need help.

What’s your diet ?
I follow the Paleo autoimmune diet because I have an intolerance for gluten and casein. Eating Paleo is adjusted to my needs, health-wise.

What do you like to drink ?
Hot chocolate with soy or coconut milk as a treat, and any green juice containing kale (especially if there’s some ginger in it, it’s so good).

What do you typically have for breakfast ?
Banana & scrambled eggs or cereals or bread with spread and my morning vitamins. Pancakes or french toast on weekends, sometimes pie or a piece of cake.

What brands are your sunglasses ?
My favorite pair of sunnies are from Prada, they’re black oversized labelled “baroque”.

Whats your least favourite word ?

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Q&A – I answer some of your frequently asked questions

blonde highlights

What camera do you use for vlogging ?
I’m basic, I use my iPhone 6s for vlogs. Not fancy but easy.

Why do you wear sunglasses in so many pictures / videos ?
My eyes are extremely sensitive, most of the time I have to wear sunglasses to keep them protected.


Do you like fashion ?
Well, when you have parents working in the fashion industry… I just hate shopping.

Where did you get your blonde highlights done ?
At the hair salon of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris, called “Franck Provost”.


What was the last book you read ?
VOGUE Paris. It’s a magazine, duh. I don’t actually read much.

Where’s your favorite movie theater ?
It depends; in Paris it’s Pathé Beaugrenelle, in the 15th arrondissement. In Los Angeles it’s Edwards Cinemas at The Commons in Calabasas. In Belgrade it’s Cineplexx at Usce shopping center.


What’s your favorite perfume ?
It’s Neroli Portofino from Tom Ford. I wear it even though it’s considered as a fragrance for men.

What’s your favorite candle smell ?
I love Beach Walk from Maison Margiela, it’s the scent of summer.

largeWhat’s your spirit animal ?
More like who… I always felt that Woody Allen was my spirit animal.

What’s your favorite app ?
I check & post to Snapchat & Twitter the most. I’m addicted to both, I can’t choose.

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Snapchat update

Last week I made it available on my Snapchat for you guys to chat with me, or even send me snaps if you wanted… I thought it would be a cool experience so that I could meet some of you & get to know you better. EXCEPT it wasn’t all that nice. I mean, the fact that I had to block some users because they were overly bothering — even after asking a couple of times to “please, stop” which obviously was not understood.

After some point it became harassment. This is absolutely not why I opened up the chat to my followers, and although I could basically block everyone who is behaving that way, it’s still a fastidious effort since I’d have to open the chats or snaps and check it for myself… which I don’t want to do anymore. I have zero interest in finding out whatever obnoxious thing has been sent to me.

So unfortunately, my Snapchat chat is private again. What does that mean ? well that after only a week, I don’t want to deal with offensive individuals any longer. Just want to have fun and talk with my friends, so the chat is reserved to them only. But everyone else can still check out my snaps, since they are public in My Story. I met this week some of you that were really cool, and I loved our talks, so thanks for chatting, but this is my final decision. Wish you all a great day ! xoxox

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