What camera do you use ?
I’m currently exclusively using my iPhone 12 Pro Max for pictures & videos. But, I might buy a new cool camera for my birthday, so we’ll see what I choose…

What softwares do you edit your pictures with ?
I edit with iPhone apps like VSCO, or the not-so-basic-anymore Photos.

What are your favorite places ?
I love hanging out in Santa Monica. I also like chilling on the beaches in Malibu, or going to the Getty for the best views in town.

What are you favorite fashion brands ?
I like a couple apparel retailers, like Levi’s, and some high end accessories brands like Kate Spade. I keep it simple, cute and cosy.

What are your favorite beauty brands ?
I’m constantly looking for new skincare and makeup to try out, I don’t really have all-time favorites.

What kind of diet do you follow ?
I try to eat as healthy and organic as possible. I’m avoiding meat if I can, so mostly a pescatarian diet.

What sports do you practice ?
I’ll do some light yoga, or meditation sometimes. I also like to take a bike and go into the woods.

What are your projects in the near future ?
I’d like to focus on making more movies, whether they are short films or videos on TikTok.