Hello, and another quick Q&A 😅

Crete, Greece

So, I finally went on vacation after six months of staying home because of my autoimmune illness…

It was definitely not the same, I had to adjust to my new limits, but I’m happy I went anyway because it wasn’t as exhausting as it can be for some vacay, since I only went to stay with my grandma in Serbia. I wanted to be super chill while there, so I didn’t pack my MacBook, which explains the lack of posting. I must admit at some point I tried to blog from my iPad, but it was so annoying that I gave up. I mean the platform, and speed, are just not the same. Anyone who tries to tell you that you don’t need a MacBook if you have an iPad, clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Anyway, in the meantime I get back to a “normal” posting schedule, here’s a little Q&A that won’t hurt nobody 🤪

What is your favorite food ?
It used to be pizza, that was my main, especially when I was living in the US… I totally did the unhealthy pizza leftovers for breakfast, and honestly that was the bomb. But my tastebuds have drastically changed in the last couple of years, especially since I met my boyfriend, who definitely made me rediscover French & other type of gastronomic cuisines, so now my favorite dish is : CEVICHE. I cannot, just the thought of it, omg I’m drooling 🤤 I’m big into homemade guacamole, with tortilla chips made of corn, and crispy tacos with fresh and raw fish. I fell in love with Tequila ! I’ve become quite a barman at home, I can make a dozen different type of Tequila cocktails. 😅

What perfume are you currently wearing ?
It’s been Bloom by Gucci for over a year now… I think pretty much since its release date. I just love smelling like a fresh flower, a delicate rose 😂 but I’m in the midst of changing my perfume, as soon as my current bottle is done, I’m getting Chloé, the Eau de Parfum… this is an old one, but I’ve been feeling a touch nostalgic for that elegant & powdery smell.

What series or movies have you watched lately ?
I’ve recently subscribed to Disney+ because I felt like I had watched all the interesting things from Netflix, and nothing new on there was exciting me. So I’ve seen a couple of really interesting series like Candy, Pam & Tommy, The Dropout, and Pretty Baby. All excellent ! They were quite a ride… and true stories. One’s a murderer, one’s about a crazy sex tape, one’s about a terrible biotechnology founder, and the last is about the consequences of being pretty in Hollywood. Loved those so much. I also watched American Horror Story, which is one of my all-time favorite series.

What is your actual job ?
Well I’ve been on sick leave for a while now because of my rheumatoid arthritis, but my real job is not being a blogger obviously, this ain’t paying for a living as you can imagine. I’m a repair technician for a big tech company, but I can’t tell you which one. I liked doing that, but with my current disease it’s not being possible. I don’t know when I will be back to it, or even if I can. I might have to look for something physically easier, some type of desk job it seems. 🧿

What do you do to relax yourself ?
I practice yoga, but it’s a more gentle and mindful one. Not like what you can find in most clubs nowadays, where it’s all about performance. It shouldn’t be like that, it’s a conversation with yourself. It’s deeper than that, and it truly brings me a lot of peace and pain relief. I also meditate whenever I need to, I use a specific app for that, because my own mind gets too crowded after a few minutes… so I need guidance. Also if I can’t fall asleep, I’ll just open the Meditopia app, and I’ll be done in less than five minutes 😂.

What do you like to do on your free time ?
That hasn’t change for years ! I’m a big reader, big museum junkie, love walking… whether it’s the woods, by a water point, or just a new place I hadn’t gone to yet. Unfortunately because of my autoimmune illness, I can’t walk as much as I used to. But I also write, like actually write, it’s not journaling. I do paint and draw, mostly reproductions because I practice my hand like that.

Lastly I do some gardening ! I have a really nice balcony, 🧿 so I go off there : we’ve gotten two olive trees, two laurel trees, a little fir tree, then we have strawberries, and herbs like Italian basil, Thai basil, & mint. It’s my heavenly place. When the weather is nice I’m mostly out there, with a book and a nice smoothie.

Voila, hope you enjoyed this new Q&A, don’t think I’ll be doing these again for a while… if ever. 🤗

Crete, Greece