Let’s do a little Q&A 🤗

Crete, Greece
*Photos from Crete, in Greece 🇬🇷

I used to do these, back in the day… and they were kinda fun ! I’d find Q&A online, or even get some questions via emails, and I’d just compile those and answer on my blog. I’m feeling nostalgic, so let’s do a quick one again !

Where do you like to vacation ?
You probably already know that one, but it’s on Crete island in Greece. I don’t need to explain why, it’s self-explanatory, especially if you read my blog 😅. Besides that, my favorite vacay is always just seeing the fam & friends, which are scattered between the USA, Switzerland and Serbia !

What’s your favorite material ?
I recently discovered the beauty and softness of cashmere, and that’s totally my vibe for winter. Whereas in summer, you’ll find me mostly in linen, it’s the best material when it’s hot out.

What’s your skincare routine ?
It always changes ! I don’t want my skin to get used to one cream, and then it’ll stop enjoying the effects. Right now it’s like this (day & night – when I don’t forget, or ain’t too lazy). I start with washing my face with the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, then I spray with the Fresh Rose Hydration Pore-Minimizing Mist. I’m so worried of aging that I started using the Dermalogica Neck Fit Contour Serum 😂 . My face cream is Dermalogica’s famous Skin Smoothing Cream Moisturizer. And for my eyes I use Caudalie’s Vinergetic C+ eye cream. But this one I’m definitely swapping soon, it’s not moisturizing enough for me ! Oh and lips, I use the Nuxe Baume à Lèvres Rêve de Miel. It’s a must.

Are you thinking of going back to more serious photography ?
Photography was like big for me in the past, but over the years it softened into just a hobby. I’ll always love to take pictures & share them online, although now it’s different. I also like making some videos for TikTok as well, because they’re fun and easy to do… but I’m just using my iPhone nowadays. I actually still have two cameras, but they’re left in a drawer to take the dust.

What about your digital creator envy ?
So, I don’t know if I’m really up for that task. Sometimes I feel like I would love to be fully independent, and earn my living from photos & videos that I’d post on my socials. But then, it’s just so much work and sacrifice : it’s an every day grind. It’s just like Kim Kardashian said “Get your f***ing ass up and work” which is totally not my mentality, at the moment especially. I’m a burnout millennial that just wants to live life, and enjoy the little things. I guess I’m not cutout for fame, or the pressure. I have too much anxiety. But I like blogging, because it’s chill.

That’s it for now guys, think I’ve answered some burning questions here (joking obviously). I’m going away to Serbia in a few, but I’m not taking my Mac with me, so I’ll update you when I come back… see you soon xoxox

Crete, Greece