Adulthood probably the worst hood I’ve ever lived in. Very ghetto here.

I’m excited for what’s to come !

Beautiful windy Panormos

Hello everyone, I see a lot of recent views on my blog… I honestly wonder why because I haven’t been really posting, but I take it as a good thing since I was thinking of sharing some new media with you.

I’ve been basically away for a couple of years, and I did try a few comebacks; as some of you know, it went well (& there’s irony for you, by the way). So I’m not gonna say this is one of those “comebacks”. I’m just gonna say hello, and tell you go ahead & browse through my blog as much as you wish. 

But maybe yes. You will see more of me !

I have an exciting feeling about what’s to come, and it’s guiding me right here. Which is why I even upgraded my blog quite recently, following not so subtle signs from what I believe to be my guardian angels – yep, I do believe in those. 

Anyway, I’m starting a new journey based on mindfulness, realness and fitness. Overall new healthy habits which are changing my life for the better. I feel more inspired, and I’m happier.

Oh ! and now I can even share songs directly in a post… which I love because music has always been important to me. Plus you get a playlist of the latest on the right sidebar, go look for it. This is giving me MySpace feels, for those who remember.

Miley Cyrus, Tangerine

See you soon. 

Beautiful windy Panormos

*Pictures taken by my boyfriend, in Panormos, Crete (Greek island).