My Geek side

The other side of my life

I’m sure some of you aren’t aware that I have founded and I’m the Editor-in-Chief (also main contributor, with my sister Dakota Kennedy), to an online magazine dedicated to the geek culture… surprise ! I’m a hardcore geek.

I’ve been going through my websites lately and updating them, and if you like cosplay, comic books, reading reviews and checking comic con updates then you should totally follow the links down below;

GEEKLAND magazine
Geekland mag’s Facebook
Geekland mag’s Instagram
Our Twitch channel

NB. We are not currently streaming on Twitch, and aren’t planning to do so anytime soon, due to the fact that we do not have the necessary equipment. But we do hangout on the channel and follow some gamers. We will share any update here & on the mag, if we start streaming though.

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