Beauty brand crush

Love Kiehl’s !untitled © Photography by Madison Kennedy

One of my favorite skincare brands is Kiehl’s. I’m super faithful to their products, because they’re extra good and I literally love almost everything they’ve made. My most repurchased item from them, is their sunscreen. I use it on a daily, I never break out from it, it doesn’t make my face look like a zombie and it’s very lightweight. It’s perfect to use whenever, but of course you definitely need something stronger if you’re sunbathing on a beach.

I recently tried their BB cream, and I gotta say that one is also a win. I’ve never used BB creams before in my life, and the texture is so much better than foundation that I would never again put more coverage than needed for an everyday look. I’m totally into this BB cream, because it blends really well and it just gives my face an improved skin-tone, and it looks very natural. So yeah… this is my beauty brand crush. I’m gonna share more of my faves in the future, stay tuned !