Bright lights, hot chocolate, cold snow, warm sweaters…

Daydreaming about ChristmasCurrently listening to :
It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas
by Michael Bublé

I know we’re in August, and it’s probably not socially acceptable to be thinking about winter, and the most magical time of the year which is for me, Christmas 🙂 but funny thing is that my best friend and I, have been missing it so much recently, I even made a Xmas moodboard !

Michael Bublé’s holiday album is playing on a loop at home, and I’m loving the feels I’m getting from it. The other day I talked with my BFF about how much I liked the smell of nutmeg candles, because it reminded me of the jolly season, and he said that he had just lit up one a moment ago… how crazy are we seriously ?

So I figured, let’s simply share our enthusiasm for Christmas on The Blog since it’s been a topic that has been on my mind for a couple of days already; guess what, I have a countdown until the 25th December, and I’m spending it at Disneyland Paris this year ! Can’t wait ! Christmas at Disneyland has always been my favorite way of celebrating this holiday.