Guys just so you know… I’m dying & this is not in any case my official review of the show. I’m just bored to death and I can’t sleep because I’m literally obsessing over the code of my new website *spoiler alert – it’s an online magazine for geeks, which I’ve been working on for the past couple of days* and I took a Silicon Valley break, because their episodes make me laugh and I need to relax… like I know what that word means anymore.


Anyway. It’s about 2am right now & I’ve been up since 8am, so approximately 18 hours without any sleep, and even though the need is there and I can so feel it, well, my brain won’t shut up and let me be at peace. Every time I close my eyes I can see the style sheet and while I got the HTML part right, I’m still struggling on CSS which is basically the most important, so I can’t think of anything else.


Unlike most of those Palo Alto dudes in the show, I’m more like Nelson “Big Head” Bighetti, sometimes I don’t know what the shit I’m doing and I definitively am not some mastermind like Richard Hendricks. But coding is fun, and I’d pick that up over gaming since it amuses me more; I’m still learning, over at Codecacademy mostly… I dropped out of Harvard CS50 course because I couldn’t deal with the homework. I’m a busy lazy ass who can’t get no time for stuff like these.


But yeah, what the hell… I just wrote a bunch of paragraphs for nothing, barely mentioned the show… listen folks, I love it okay. This is my conclusion to this fake-ass review. Every actor in it is great, watch it & get addicted to it. The writers are making some pretty awesome jokes, and I’m at my second re-watch and still enjoying 🙂 Go Pied Piper !