and by the way, WTF you waiting for ? 😀 it’s awesome !

UntitledcOkay guys… I got me thinking about the Ant-Man movie, and my latest review (that you can read here : click) where I was super thrilled about Evangeline Lilly’s character Hope Pym, the daughter of Dr. Pym and her future role in Marvel Universe, of course I promptly concluded she would play the WASP.

But after a day or so I remembered some things about her character in the comics, which I totally overlooked because who doesn’t want Ant-Man and WASP reunited ? & not to forget I’m a DC Comics fan-addict, I don’t read as much Marvel, especially those dorky stories. UntitledIn the comics, Hope Pym becomes the Red Queen, a villain that has a grudge against the Avengers and creates her own team named the “Revengers”. So if Evangeline Lilly who’s Hope Pym in the movie Ant-Man should play anyone, by the comics, it should be her.

I don’t know if you remember but there was a scene when Dr. Pym asked Scott Lang to make the ants put sugar in a cup of tea, and then Hope took it over angrily, and commanded hundreds or thousands of ants to do so and the room darkened, because the ants were coming from all parts and even hiding the light above the table where the cup of tea was.

This could be a sign of evil ? Yes, no ? Doesn’t matter, it’s a theory and I would actually prefer seeing her play the Red Queen than WASP, that way we could get the original WASP back from the Quantum Realm where she is lost… you can let me know what you think of this, there’s now an open poll at the bottom of this post for you to vote ! Cosplay of WASP is by Riddle Messy Wardrobe (picture below, right side).Untitledcc