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*attention to all readers : much excitement in the following post*

YAAASSSSS !!! ANT-MAN IN 3D this Thursday at 3:20 PM !! I just got my ticket guys 😀 and most importantly, I was the first one to GET IT !

I kept refreshing, & refreshing & refreshing the page… much like they did it in The Big Bang Theory below :

and I know what you might think, that it is not my proudest moment behaving like this ? well WRONG ! I’m so pumped & proud of myself I GOT THE FIRST TICKET OF THE NEXT DAY !

Guys listen, I missed the chance to go to the premiere which is Wednesday night at 8pm. It was all fully booked = zero tickets left ! 😦 *crying* Since then, I have been refreshing the movie theater’s page for 2 days totally crazed… only so I can get a good seat. Because this is important to me ! I literally live for this ! I want my MARVEL ANT-MAN EXPERIENCE TO BE THE BEST ! I’ve been waiting for this movie since its announcement, I JUST NEED THIS SO MUCH !

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The premiere got sold out in like minutes, & I wasn’t even aware they would release it on the 15th July, since the US release is scheduled for the 17th. But I checked the movie theater’s page anyway, four days prior to the 17th, you know, just to make sure I’d be between the first ones to get a ticket for it…. ONLY to realize, they were releasing it on the 15th and it was already too late for me !

I swear I screamed the biggest hellish NOOOOOOOOO ever : my grandma who was around got the creeps ! so I kept refreshing, & refreshing & refreshing since then, to at least get a good seat for the next day… and fucking A, I did it ! Being the first to book it, is something I’ll carry with me as geek achievement, since there’s only two movie theaters in Belgrade who are showing this movie in its best quality, and the one I am going to has the biggest screen. I can’t wait to see it, I might review it, I’m super excited !! woohoooo for Ant-Man !