“Sometimes it is the people no one imagines anything of who
do the things no one can imagine”


This is gonna be a really short review, I just needed to share how much
I liked this story and enjoyed the movie. Everyone who knows me in real
life also knows how much of a computer freak I am : I literally never
go anywhere at all if I don’t have my computer with me, or at least
iPad… and when I do so, I never forget to bring some “additional” gear,
as in cables mostly, but also camera, camcorder, other apple products…
I am like, always plugged in. Good luck at trying to get my attention,
to take my eyes off my screen ! or get me to go anywhere… I most often
will rather find an excuse and stay at home to work, instead of going out
with my friends, because there’s nothing I love more than that, and
everything else seems like a waste of time basically.

That’s why I’m always having a backpack with me when I’m out somewhere,
’cause you can bet there’s like a ton of cables and electronics in it,
simply because I cannot make myself leave if I don’t bring all my stuff
with me so the second I can sit somewhere and get online, I take the
opportunity & start to work again; that’s my behavior for any parties
too, or gatherings : I’m the one girl sitting in a corner, working some
vague “highly” private projects I won’t show no one, even if asked (hiding
my screen at some folks’ indiscreet glances and looking at them like “mind
your own business”), and not even paying attention to anything around,
like the only thing that exists is that computer before me…

That’s also why I don’t actually have “friends” as you might have guessed :/
I have like two main friends… and that’s about it. To be honest, achieving
to have that is already a miracle for someone like me : I thought I’d be a
loner my whole life, but there’s two non-blood related people in this world
that put up with me, and for some illogical reasons, became my friends
(if I was some type of psycho-analyst I don’t know… I’d probably say those
two have serious issues for friending a gal like me, but you know, since I’m
not, I’ll just say that I love them for doing so).


So anyway, this was supposed to be the introduction to my “short review” on
the movie, and as you’ve seen it’s not so short anymore… review of my ass;
when I heard there was this movie that was gonna be about Alan Turing, who is
the guy that people like to call father of computer science, and behind the
idea of a computer, of course I couldn’t miss watching it. I was really
interested in what lead to all of this awesomeness ! It’s actually for
decoding a nazi machine, the Enigma, that Alan Turing invented another type
of codebreaking machine, which could simulate the logic of a computer
algorithm – pretty mind blowing.

He was a brilliant mind who had a horrible death, being sentenced for his
homosexuality to take hormones to “cure” him from it, he gave himself death
at the age of 41 years old. Leaves you bitter at finding that out, especially
knowing that most of his work was classified and remained secret. In 2013,
Queen Elizabeth II signed a posthumous pardon for Turing’s conviction for
gross indecency. Nowadays some universities and research institutions are
paying him tributes. This movie is a must watch for all computer science
lovers out there 😀